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Music is not only his passion, but it’s what keeps Justin Michael alive. The motivation it brings makes life worth living each day like none other. After much thought, Justin Michael came to the revelation that this is what he wanted to do. To the people world wide, he has only one desire of sharing the gift of music, encompassing all the euphoria and surrealistic ideologies that he feels. In a way, music is the soundtrack to Justin Michael’s life… There is no better way to get through the harder times of life, by the side of the celebration of good times. It’s just a lyrical expression to Justin Michael and this is where his legacy begins!

Like any other young boy with dreams and aspirations, Justin Michael grew up in the vivacious suburbs of Los Angeles, California to become his ideal self. While others of his age were listening to the early Seattle grunge music of Nirvana and Soundgarden, Justin Michael found his passion in Electronic Dance Music to consume a great deal of his life. At the mere age of fifteen years old, he started attending parties with deejays spinning tracks with phat baselines occurring in a very free-form fashion. He felt a connection like no other, which ultimately led him to become infatuated with the music, along with the vibe of the dance culture. With enough inspiration gathered in one year from being a regular in the scene, Justin Michael began DJing at the age of sixteen.

His passion for EDM and Djing was an unstoppable combination! With all the dedication he put forth and his natural talent, Justin Michael started to become a recognizable name in the scene. He has DJ’d at over three-hundred plus parties and clubs, ranging from Los Angeles, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Fresno, San Francisco, Miami, and even internationally, in Taipei, Taiwan. Many people took a liking to his abilities, landing him residencies in Los Angeles and Taipei, Taiwan.

From his inherent popularity, Justin Michael used the money that he received from playing gigs to build his own beach front studio which is comprised only of top notch, high quality standards. In the year 2002, he wanted to experience more than the mixing and scratching of being a deejay. Justin Michael began his career in producing his own music.

Behind any great artist or producer, there are his influences and mentors. For Justin Michael, he would meet many people along his road to prominence that would make a great impact on his life. As he started producing, he met Platinum Credited Producer/Recording Engineer Alex Marlow, who taught him much of what he knows today and started him on the practice of using Logic Audio Platinum (a program used to compose and sequence music). Shortly afterwards, he was introduced to Pablo Muguia, who advanced his knowledge further and taught him about studio ethics, along with recording techniques that have brought Justin Michael to where he is today.

Probably one of the most influential persons, aside from Alex and Pablo that Justin Michael has met through DJing is Darwin Paul, who coincidently happens to also be one of his best friends. Originally, the dynamic duo started off as separate talents at the same residency. Over time, they realized what potential both would have if they worked as a team applying their different styles to create something so extravagantly soulful and unique. The two stared producing tracks with one another, proving the case and point of what music can do to one’s life – it brings people together. Justin Michael & Darwin Paul’s first signed track entitled “Blue Swing,” is being released in March of 2005, under a UK label by the name of Sounds Like Soul.

Other tracks by Justin Michael and Darwin Paul are getting airplay by world renowned artists such as Kaskade. Kaskade is actually including some of their tracks in his sets for his “In the Moment OM Tour”.

2005 looks to be a very promising year for Justin Michael. He will be spending much time in the studio working on original tracks and remixes for some major house labels. So for those of you who love your house delivered deep, soulful, funky, and fresh, keep your ears in tune for DJ Justin Michael!