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Hailing from NY, now a Bay Area resident, Justin Illusion has all the ingredients of a DJ & Producer, in a world where “everyone wants to be a DJ.” Justin Illusion set himself apart from others with his creative musical sense. Performing across America now for over a decade, playing at clubs and parties, from NY to California. You can catch him bouncing between styles including House, Tech-House, Techno, and Minimal. Justin Illusion has reputation of being a crowd rocking favorite! His live sets feature mixes that stack three to four tracks, incorporate beat juggling and laying down accapellas in the mix. This combination is what has helped him create a unique connection with his audience. Justin Illusion is also staying busy on the production side of things. With releases on Drugstore Records, Hooked Music, & Fierce Animals, he has been hitting the house, techno and minimal charts on Beatport. His sound is always evolving and unique. Keep your eye out for many more hits to come! Ignore the flava of the month, just bring the funk!

For Bookings and Remixes: [email protected]



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Justin Illusion