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Justin Credible

Los Angeles, United States

House, Open Format

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Justin Credible aka Mathias Fekjr began his musical experience when he travelled with his father from the day he was born until he got 12 then he started playing intruments like violin, trombone, guitar, bass and drums. He wanted to compose music with all the instruments so he begun producing music with Fruity Loops, Reason and Cubase SX.

After some years in 1999 he made 2 great tunes called VeierLAN Theme and The Dream, he was then called LizRd^ or Lizardking.

At the age of 14 he began playing vinyls at his sisters friend’s house that was an English dj, so he thouth him everything he knew about scratching, playing, sorting out good tunes, Mathias went out dj’ing for a firm called Atech a couple of times and bought himself a couple of Denon S-5000 cd players and a X-1500 Mixer.

He is now playing alot of different music like all kind of house, acid, hip hop and a lot of old school music.