Justin Byrnes Beatport


Justin Byrnes has always had music in his blood. His romance with making music started with a love affair with the guitar. Over the course of six years Justin wrote music for and performed with several rock bands in Spokane, Washington. After feeling limited with the finite sounds a guitar makes Justin began to experiment, turning towards adding effects, and processing the music to create something different. Eventually, Justin moved away from traditional musical instruments all together and started to record sound textures and experimenting with music processing, using whatever equipment he could get his hands on. Industrial music was Justin’s first glimpse of experimental rock laced with electronic influence. What drew him in was the lack of formula and the focus on creating noise for noise sake. Soon after, Justin attended his first rave and became enthralled with the DJ’s ability to move such a large crowd with sounds he had never heard before. He wanted to create those sounds, but after researching he understood that dj’ing was the quickest way to get oriented with electronic music. The summer of 1998 Justin bought his first set of turntables and moved to Seattle to be part of a livelier, more progressive music community.

In the beginning Justin’s musical taste ran the gamut, playing everything from funky breaks, rave house, drum and bass and even trance while trying to find his niche. Justin ultimately discovered deep house, where he honed his DJ skills. Presently Justin enjoys spinning danceable techno, electro and house music and also dabbles in scratching and hiphop. His influences include producers Ricardo Villalobos, Pete Moss, Michael Mayer and Dub Taylor as well as labels like Ghostly, Playhouse, Perlon, and Kompakt.

In addition to playing many one-off nights and parties in Seattle and Portland, Justin has had several residencies. His credits include Freestyle (2001), an open turntable night, Plush Crush (2002), a deep house weekly featuring local acts broadcast live from The Deep Down Lounge via KENU Radio, Hybrid (2003), an electro night of live performances, and now Simply Shameless, a night focusing on experimental electro and techno.

Recently Justin has finished his latest mix CD, Electric Razor, which is the first to showcase his own works. Electric Razor is a mix expressing Justin’s interest in layering electro, rock, techno, and house fluidly. Justin is also working on taking it to the next level with his 2×4 DJ project, Tandem House, with DJ Saigon and live laptop performance featuring his original music.