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Paris, France


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Not even Atlantic waters can stop the sound of DJ Just Dizle from crossing international, cultural, economic, or racial barriers. The Paris born DJ is the musical force that breaks borders of all sorts, simply because of his condensed sound and well-rounded knowledge of his art. Over the past decade, he has honed his skill as an International DJ by blessing audiences all over the world with his distinctive sounds, which represent the passion he has for his craft.

Since his birth, Just Dizle has been surrounded by musicians. His whole family were an avid music fans and musicians, he was exposed to everything from jazz and Doo Wop, to funk, soul and Afro beats early on (“I grew up listening to Manu Dibango, Commodores, Marvin Gaye…the list is so long…”). But it would be hip hop that stuck like glue. Just Dizle’s music is his instrument and the turntables are his apparatus of choice. The 6ft stunner spin doctor uses his turntables as his passport adding an accent to the universal language of hip hop. Listening to the likes of Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier, his love for hip hop was solidified. This 30-year-old art form has allowed DJ Dizle to communicate with people from all walks of life, from every corner of the earth. “You can never go wrong with hip hop or deny it of its affect on the world. How can you not want to be apart of it? It forces me to be apart of it everyday. It represents me.”

Humbly considering himself a student of multiple genres and the art of mixing, Dizle’s goal is to become “Le Champion,” or the most requested DJ in Western Europe, and subsequently, the most requested DJ in the world. “ I don’t strive for perfection but I strive for excellence, this is why I call myself “Le Champion” in what I do”.

While Just Dizle’s goals continue to broaden, he has his set his sights on establishing a global presence. When he gets in front of a crowd he never wavers, but demands the respect as one of the best that they have ever heard just by committing to the music, and leaving the crown hanging is not even an option. The mission is to grab them, hold them, and not let them go for the rest of the night.

In France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, the UK, Canada and the United States of America, Dizle has reached a peak never seen before. [“Just Dizle is the motherfuckin’ future, he holds his own… he does it for Hip Hop” Global Vito] He is requested everywhere simply because no one can deny his sound. He is the first DJ from Europe to hit the set of BET’s “Rap City” alongside Snoop Dogg and Heavy Hitter DJ Enuff. He knows he’s ready, and even more adamant that the world is ready to witness his advancement. If not, you’d better look out. Cause he’s taking no prisoners. Once you hear Just Dizle, you will realise why for a legion of Hip Hop addicts, Just Dizle is the first and only reason they have a passport…everybody wants to witness his worldwide dynasty