Juri Menicucci

Sydney, Australia

House, Techno


Raised in Italy, Juri Menicuccis passion for music production and DJing has taken him worldwide. Beginning with his residency in Switzerland at Alien Butterfly, Juri has proceeded to play alongside some of the biggest names in dance music, including Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Mauro Picotto, Francesco Farfa, Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills to name but a few.

Juri began playing at clubs in Italy and Switzerland as a teenager before moving to London. During this period Carl Cox heavily influenced Juri as he refined his trademark sound and became one of the most sought-after names in the Techno scene. He gained residencies at such clubs as Leisure Lounge, Mass, Fridge and 414, as well as playing at the Glastonbury festival. After brief tours of Italy, Thailand and Singapore, Juri moved to Sydney in 2002, where he has diversified his sound, playing everything from Tech-house to D-n-B.

Since arriving in Sydney Juri has played at Home, Tank, Mylk, Candys Apartment and YU. He recently played alongside The Angels of Love DJs at Hugos Lounge in the first international event at the venue. Juri continues to promote Sydneys Techno scene with work on the renowned radio network Bondi FM and occasional guest spots on FBI, which was voted Sydneys best dance radio network.

While playing for various clubs and promoters, Juri balances his schedule with numerous House and Techno residencies. Juri is one of the founding DJs of K-LIFE, which has quickly grown to become one of the most successful and respected House nights in Sydney. Juris importance to the night was underlined when he closed K-LIFE?s first anniversary party. It is Techno however that has defined Juris musical sensibility, and he has continued to work with the Swarm crew after his initial spot with Swarm as an International guest drew him to Australia. Swarm has remained Sydneys Premier Techno party while Juri has entertained crowds by returning to his pulsating Techno roots. These parties have a reputation of running well into the next day due to the crowds refusal to leave as long as Juris three decks mixing is in full flow.

At present Juri continues to balance residencies at Techno and House events and is launching his own label, Stream Recordings. The label is primarily geared towards Funky Techno, and is home to such international names as Renato Cohen(BR), DJ Preach (ESP), Christian Smith(UK), Kazu Kimura (Japan), Chris Liberator (UK), Marco Lenzi (UK), Romel Johan (MY), Veiga(AUS). Juri is one of Sydneys most eclectic and respected DJs, with a unique sound that fuses influences from all over the globe.