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Juergen Kirsch, the cofounder of the “Glueckskind” label & artist on the Berlin-based imprint “Stil Vor Talent”, is one of the most promising young artists from the “electronic music” dance scene. Working as a resident DJ in the Nuremberg clubs like BASE, Mothership, Zoom, Hirsch & Rakete, more and more he found his own way to the very minimal and sound oriented electronic music. This isn’t only the dance music as most of the works from his beginnings, but a part of the process toward very own and unique style.

Juergen about himself: "I am not someone who likes to make the things too obvious. It’s a joy to take people on a tour through a new and unknown soundscapes, and although I could be dubbed as the most technoid sound maker among my peers, it’s definitely not easy to pin me or my music in some well-known schedule.” Raised on a steady diet of Detroitism, he used to wear his Underground Resistance shirt with so much dignity it became symbolic for his own struggle to make himself be heard without losing his integrity. His music certainly isn’t hype or trying to fulfil the expectations of his near surrounding. Juergen is moving forward with an open mind and ear, and with a bright view in the future. Probably just because of this, he has become one of the most authentic and interesting electronic musicians coming out of the German dance scene… Whilst exploring the “New” Jürgen keeps on doing his best: Enchanting people with his charismatic individualism that makes you want to dance.

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2010: Jürgen Kirsch – Whoop – Nordik Net Records

2009: Manou De Jean – Tanzpolizei (Jürgen Kirsch Remix) – Young Society

2009: Samuel Knob – Saxple (Jürgen Kirsch Remix) – Glückskind Digi 09

2009: Kirsch & Dubnitzky – Snowflakes – Glückskind Schallplatten 10

2009: Tom Pooks – Another World (Jürgen Kirsch Remix) – Sebian

2008: Jürgen Kirsch – Rain In Osaka – Stil Vor Talent 26

2008: Kirsch & Dubnitzky – I am Fine – Glückskind Schallplatten 08

2007: Jürgen Kirsch vs. Johnjon – Liquid / Sag nicht sowas – Stil vor Talent 17

2007: Jürgen Kirsch – Guppy Fry EP – Glückskind Digital 03

2006: Jürgen Kirsch – Spawning Seasons – Stil vor Talent 05


2008: Jürgen Kirsch – Paladina: on “3 Years SVT” Mix-Compilation by Oliver Koletzki & Florian Meindl

2008: Kirsch & Dubnitzky – Masala: on Monorooms “City Lights Vol 2”

2006: Jürgen Kirsch – Spawning Seasons: on O. Koletzkis “The Process”


Zoom/ Hirsch/ Rakete (Nuremberg), old & new Tresor (Berlin), Kitkat (Berlin), 103 Club (Berlin), Muna (Bad Klosterlausnitz), CocoonClub (Frankfurt), Suncity (Graz), Dom im Berg (Graz), Postgarage (Graz), PPC (Graz), Cellar (Linz), Climax Institutes (Stuttgart), Staro Pozoriste (Zenica/BiH), OH-Club (Zürich) Camouflage (Cologne), Soap (Hannover), Spring Festival, Liberty One, Nature One, Klangtherapie, Summership, Timeship….

///WEB: http://www.juergenkirsch.net

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///CONTACT: jk (a) juergenkirsch.net

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