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This project grew up in the city, with all its noise and smell, drugs, partys and strange people. But there are also some lovely friends and there is even a bit of nice music here, in the wonderful city of Leipzig (Lipsia). Best conditions to find out all about techno music. During the nineties, I often spent my Saturday nights listening to radio shows for electronic club music. That is a major influence in my techno productions today. In this time techno music was a pure girl and I can’t resist getting close to her. This is also the reason for completely avoiding any computers in my live performances. I can’t see boring, non performing laptop acts anymore. He is moving backwards, you think? Not in every respect! Lets say I want to backcross the present with these high energetic sound of the past. With keeping limited to a rather “analog” setup, i’m achieving an impressively unique sound – no matter which genres.