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So many great things happened in the JunkDNA universe this year & plenty of new

Things to come…where shall we begin with?

Let’s begin with the establishment of the promising new label ‘Riseup-Records’ that is already receiving great support from all top notch Dj’s including : Funkagenda , Paul Harris , Thomas Gold , Roger Sanchez , Erick Morrilo , Junior Vasquez , Markus Schulz , Jerome Isma-Ae & the list goes on & on…

The re-make of ‘If Madonna calls 2010’ with Junior Vasquez was a great success

as well as the 1st ‘Riseup Nights’ compilation. Watch out for our new stuff that is being released every month non-stop including a big surprise from ‘Toolroom Records’ – an amazing rmx package of ‘Antidote’! watch out folks !!!

Let’s continue with the upcoming releases of JunkDNA : A great new original vocal track for ‘emotive records’ called ‘Walking on Air’ , a new vocal RMX for ‘Fektive records’ of the great disco tune ‘Shake It Up’ , another dancefloor smasher for Eric Morillo’s label ‘Subliminal’ called ‘Oh No’ & many other projects that are cooking right now…We do it all for your musical & dancing pleasure  keep on shaking…

Also a lot of collaborations are cooking at the moment in our lab with Sebastian Kreig, Sonny Wharton, Jerome Isma-Ae and many more.

Apart from that tons of great parties both local & worldwide are planned & this year we hope you’ll be able to taste the JunkDNA live experience in some of the best clubs in Europe & the Americas & anywhere else we’ll be invited too…

Watch out for our touring schedule!

A little bit about us:

JunkDNA are Dj/Producer Mike “Liquid” Brown & Dj/Producer Shar Lila (Uri Pessach).They joined forces in late 2007 with great passion to create high quality electronic dance music & they don’t stop ever since. Not even for a sec.

Dj/Producer Mike Liquid (Mike Brown)

Mike began Djing at age 14. He used to play black & funky music. At the age of 19 mike moved to the u.s & was the resident Dj of the n.y.c. club ‘the tunnel’ & the famous club in Miami the ‘liquid’. Mike then began to explore psy & progressive trance in parties & raves in Israel and around the world: Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Russia, Sweden & more.

In 1999 Mike began producing his own music under the names: liquid green dogs, liquid man, killer liquid, number 9 & silent service. He played together with many Dj’s worldwide among them Rene,Atmos , Ticon , Juno Reactor , Human blue, D-nox, and many more.He also released the compilation ‘till dawn’. In 2001 Mike was chosen one of Israel’s 6 best psytrance Dj/producers by ‘Dj hair’ magazine. Also in 2002 mike was voted by mtv Europe as 1 of the best dj/producers in the psytrance category Mike opened his own label ‘element records’ at 2002.

Among the label’s releases:

1. Final destination – compilation by dj mike liquid.

2.1st element -wasabi – compilation compiled by dj mike liquid.

3. Liquid green dogs -color’s – artist album by dj mike liquid.

4. in & out – compilation compiled by dj mike liquid.

All of them with great reviews in music magazines like mushroom magzine implant magzine, dj magzine, bpm magzine & more.

Recently Mike joined forces with Dj/Producer Shar Lila (Uri Pessach) to establish their fresh house/techno/electro music creation –‘JunkDNA’ which contains some original creations alongside with JunkDNA original & powerful remixes for the dance floor enthusiast. Let the words stop. Let the music play.Junkdna.

Dj/Producer Shar Lila (Uri Pessach)

DJ/Producer, arranger, programmer, music educator, sound shaper, sonic manipulator & groove invigorator. Music productions range from industrial/hardcore/break bit/drum & bass & head banging materials to melodic/ambient/chill out/pop & world music. No matter what style of music – It’s all about the groove.

Former projects include:

‘Pogrom’ (1996).Industrial indie project with Daniel (Snoopy) Baruch. Maxi single released in limited edition.

‘Dadadat’ (1997).Solo album. Digital Hardcore & Dada Pop Nonsense.

‘5 Dance Pieces’(1999).Electronic dance & listening music.IDM, Ambient, Jungle & Breakbeat.

Avrahim (2006).Middle Eastern Beats. Global Beat & World Fusion both in Hebrew & Arabic with singer Abd El Salaam Abu Foul. ‘Haazinu’ album (Give Ear!) officially released in June 2006.

Recently Dj Shar Lila teamed up with Dj Mike Liquid to produce their fresh new house project ‘Junkdna’.Original house/techno/electro releases alongside JunkDNA original & powerful remixes of dance floor smashers.let the words stop. Let the music play.Junkdna.