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Born in Naples, Italy, Junior White DJ was just an infant during the height of the late 1970’s Dance Explosion. When he was just 2 years old , he was already playing records, says his mother, he knew how to turn on the receiver and amplifier, put the record on the turn table and even had the coordination to place the needle on the record. This was the beginning of a life-long passion for music. As a teenager he began to practice mixing the latest 70/80’s hits. While in high school, Junior spent all his clothing allowance to buy records, “I was a bum, but had all the hottest tunes.” At the age of 16, he was hired at Boom Boom Record Shop in Naples. Fellow employees, and close friend Tony White fine-tuned his ear for underground dance music. Junior White takes his name from Tony White, who became his mentor. Friends called Junior the disciple. Wherever Tony was you could find Junior next to him. He soon had a chance to test his own skills at Pandemonium Club, a morning loft party held in Naples, Italy. There was no question that he was already on his way to becoming a top technician. During the early 90’s, Junior White started playing in the clubs of Naples, and soon he could be found Djing all over Italy with famous Italian DJ’s like: Joe T. Vannelli, Claudio Coccoluto, Massimino, R. Montanari, and Marco Trani. In 1992 he was resident in one of the biggest clubs in Southern Italy, the Metropolis. Junior White’s interest in music is not limited to playing records. He also has a strong interest in production, distribution and discovering new artists. In 1995 Junior moved to Milan, where he worked as an A&R/Import Buyer for Level One Distribution. While in Milan he also started spinning House Music in the Viper Club’s weekly party. Junior was their 1st choice for resident DJ. He also started collaborating with musicians in the studio on various projects like: Nina – “I’m so excited” Hitland Records, Melodica – “Song for violin” Test Records, Men of Soul – “The drum”, Twin Style feat. Michelle Claussell – “I Will Always Be With You” Re-Test Records, The Untouchables & Obiwan Hitland, Love69 Feat Jerome – “Special Love” Vinyl Care Records, Tilth – “Paranoid”, Fluide – “Baccara’”, King Street Records. In 1999 he moved to New York City, USA and opened his own company “Music & Song Inc.” with partner Joe B. Berinato of King Street Records. Within 6 months he was collaborating with many US Labels like: Strictly Rhythm, Atlantic Records, Nervous Records, Cutting Records, Gossip Records, Bounce, Logic, Jive Records, and many more. Around the same time he began Djing around town in various clubs such as: GBH, Cheetha, Zanzibar, Orchard Bar, Centro-Fly, Void Club, and the Boom Club where he was the resident DJ. More recently Junior has been seen Djing at Le Souk, Bed, Intermezzo, Serafina, Zoccolette, Dekk, and Time Cafe’, He continues his work in the studio with Gianni “Blackjack” Fontana of Explode Records, collaborating with new artists and musicians on upcoming house music projects. Now a seasoned professional, Junior White has perfected a technique that enables him to mix soulful Gospel vocals with deep techno tracks, including live remixes. Junior believes that music is praise and where there is music there is God. Junior White. “In Music We Trust.”