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Jungle Jerry

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Electro House, House



With a DJ career that spans more than ten years, Jungle Jerry has achieved the distinction of being the ‘Maestro of Mix’ within Malaysia’s Club scene. Commencing his career in The Backroom* in Kuala Lumpur, he has been instrumental in transforming the expectations and standards of DJing in Malaysia and is responsible for elevating audience experience and expectations within the local club scene.

Club residencies include The Backroom*, ZOUK Club, The LOFt , Twelve SI, Atmosphere Club, Underground, Q Bar, twelveSI, Elements, Nouvo and Sugar all located in Kuala Lumpur, where he spins his signature House,Electro&Tribal House mixes. The influence of the multi-cultural and ethnic aspects of Malaysian life have been instrumental in Jungle Jerry developing a music style that emulates a deep rooted sensitivity with his multi-ethnic house style mixes.


In Malaysia, As a promoter and a DJ, Jungle Jerry has organized and played alongside international DJ’s including: Paul Oakenfold, Robbie Nelson and Tom Wainright (Gatecrasher, 1999), Ashley Casselle and Guy Ornadel, (Gatecrasher 2000), Ministry of Sound, Rocky ‘ Xpress 2, K-Klass, Slacker, Cosmo, and Ninja Tunes ‘ Strictly Kev and Vadim, 16B and Desyn Maseillo (UK), Derrick May, DJ Disciple (USA) and Bob Sinclair, DJ Yellow, DJ Cam, Hipp-e and Halo (H- Foundation) (France),Simon Coyle- Wetmusik(OZ),Pako & Fredrik(GU) and Shin Nishimura(Plus)and Frank Muller(Beroshima)


With his stylized sounds, he has been invited to perform in fringe events and private fashion parties which includes launches for COACH fashion launch, TAG HEUER Launch party Marlboro Formula 1 after parties, BMW 5 series launches and The ROYAL BMW REGATTA YACHT RACE after party in Langkawi


Jungle Jerry has a large following both locally and internationally. Widely in demand, his international experience includes three Tours (Zurich, Germany , Poland and Japan) He has also performed about twenty occasions in a number of other countries (Jakarta, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai-China) with other highly acclaimed DJ’s.

The German Tour included Clubs like VMF, Gerbustag Club, Muna during Christmas Eve 2001, Hoppe Tosse Boat Party during New Years Eve 2001 and performing at the Casino Club during Paul Van Dyk€™s Birthday Party (VANDIT). Also a Festival in 2004 has led him to perform in the VISION PARADE- Stadhalle in Germany.He also had the distinction of representing Malaysia in the Winter Music Conference 2000 and 2001 in Miami, Florida, USA.

While in 2004 a 3 day outdoor festival call LINK OF ASIA on Sora Shido Mountain, Osaka Japan with DJs Frank Muller, Ben Long, Dj Tack Hot, Venus Fly Trapp and more

And in 2005, INFINITY TOUR in Zurich, Berlin and Poland alongside DJ Unique, Liquid Soul, DJ Matthew, Tomcraft , Marco Bailey


In addition, Jerry has organized and promoted for INDEPENDaNCE 28th Aug 2004 in Genting Higlands with his event company SIXZEROTHREE Management to entail a 12,000 attendance on this amazing outdoor party, with an international and regional line up. The ‘UNI-SX’ Tour, which focuses on exchanging regional DJ’s from Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong was Jerry’s brainchild – his aim being to successfully promote Asian DJ’s to the world.


Jungle Jerry has been an artist on two albums ‘Naughtius Maximus’ and ‘Tricks & Tales.’ He made a natural transgression into production with the release of the first Malaysian Dance Album titled ‘Presence KL01 ‘ a true look at’ in 2002, and more recently ‘Presence KL02 ‘ moving on.’ Two tracks from the latter have been very successful with ‘Heart of Dreaming’ achieving Hit#1 on Hitz.FM’s Dance Charts and ‘Music is my Life’ currently climbing the Hitz.FM Charts. With the momentum in 2005 which leads him to collaborate a compilation entitled ESSENCE* where Producer’s from the East meets the West. As for a MOVIE SOUNTRACK he has also worked on the Soundtrack for the Highest Budget made Movie in Malaysia PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG with a remix on ASMARA DANA ‘Tribal Mix’ with Disco Mafia. Also produced a track entitled Howzat! for Malaysian very own LIANG


In August 2003, Jungle Jerry achieved the feat of executing the first-time ever ‘24-hour non-stop vinyl mixing challenge’ for the Malaysia Book of Records. Held at Atmosphere, twelveSI, he had to perform non-stop from 9pm 1 August 2003 until 9pm 2 August 2003, but managed to end the attempt successfully with the first-ever Malaysia Record. Another distinction is his endorsement by ALESIS, an American Studio Sound Equipment Brand.