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His name real is Sebastin Restrepo, begins to turn attracted by the sounds of the situation more or less in the year 95 when in company of his better friend they were listening to all the music that was fashionable in this moment. The taste for the electronic music begins to take force in the year 2000 where it starts collecting good music, including styles as techno, house and his different slopes as disc, member, deep and funky in this then. This not for there, continues compiling very much knowledge until at the end of the year 2005 it decides to be thrown as Dj, touching in his debut own productions, at present Jumble shapes a group with Ricardo Reyna (Digital Drums) in whom they walk producing new musical kinds genres to propose something of music different from the people.

He is one of the best and mas distinctions dj’s and producing of the young talent in Colombia, His skill to mix and to produce they did that rapidly it was starting itself knowing, Jumble at present is working for the label Bedroom Muzik of Miami property of Dj Wady, Influence Recordings Pool e Music Property of Antoine Clamaran, Mad Recordings property of Rod Debyser, Direct Drive Digital “Chicago”. Thanks to his talent his productions are being listened in countries like Mexico, France, The United States, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Republic Checks, Chile, turkey between others.