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Julz Rome

Detroit, United States

House, Tech House

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After a hiatus, Julz Rome, formerly Dj Silkie, has been making the journey back onto the scene. Even after starting a family, settling down for a normal life, the calling never stopped and the passion never stopped. Ever since starting in a basement in Southwest Detroit, not much has changed for Julz. Except for chasing after his 3 yr. old daughter.

In 2002, Julz took to the scene from Bleu to Envy to Time Square Detroit, he was trying to make a name for himself. He won amateur contests at ‘Have A Nice Day Cafe’ and at the Necto and opened for Bad Boy Bill. All of which led to a call to play the New Years Eve ‘06 Celebration at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. Shortly after that, Julz was asked to play at the White Star for Progressive Productions.

He has held residencies all over downtown Detroit; The Temple, The Works and Premium Lounge, just to name a few. Shortly, thereafter he became part of Imperial Entertainment and held Premium Lounge at capacity with the eclectic mix of sounds which evolved from Julz and guest Dj’s. The Star Nightclub, Alvin’s and Club Sin are all no strangers to his infectious rhythm and body shaking beats.

Julz has a love for music which stems from the pride in the city which gave him a name and voice. Detroit has a rich and storied history in the world as the Motor City but also in the music industry. From Motown to Ford Motor Company to The Detroit Tigers and Red Wings, and even Little Caesars Pizza, Detroit is known the world over, and that’s what makes Julz strive to be as creative as people are known to be from fabled city. Going against the grain and not conforming to what everyone else is playing is what makes this turntablist a true underground talent.

There has been much change since Julz stepped away from the decks to tend to his family and upon returning, the industry has literally became a worldwide staple. Promoting Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, which are all tangible things or ideas, the EDM community has exemplified just that with the coming together of people from all walks of life to experience the same. There is something indescribable about experiencing that moment when you completely lose yourself and somehow become part of every other person around you and you then become instinctively in-tuned with those around you because you are all part of and experiencing the same overwhelming joy. And that led to creating and fostering a Universal Community or Family, if you will. Promoting theses ideas and attitudes, can and has caused truly unbelievable things can happen! So, with the music, the beat, the grooves, lets take life by the horns and practice P.L.U.R.