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A self-confessed “disco duck,” Julius’ early musical influences came from the 70’ era, where, disco, soul and rock were all heard on the same pop radio station. born and raised in montreal, canada, Julius fell in love with dance music through the healthy club scene which existed alongside a local montreal radio station which programmed pop and underground disco six days a week. "of course, i could never musically limit myself to just “dance music.” “my taste is quite eclectic these days and always has been,” says Julius. “everything from deep house to old school funk to a good dose of 70’ rock to hip hop and jazz.”

Julius started collecting records in the late 70’ but didn’t actually start fooling around with turntables and a mixer till 1985, and scored his first regular club gig in 1987. currently residing in san jose, california, he has had several club residencies in san jose and San Francisco on a weekly basis for quite awhile. “when i dj, i try to go on a ride. i don’t like to stay in one groove for too long. i definitely try to keep the flow nice and smooth; however, i just have to be eclectic in my musical selection, incorporating various styles from garage vocals to jazzy instrumentals to some harder tracks which pump more energy, which is definitely the trend these days.” now, there is an alter ego here. Julius does spin a downtempo set purely for the love of the music. in that set you can hear him play some rare groove, soul, hip hop, jazz and even latin. as he says, “it’ all about the music …”

In 1994, Julius took on a new role —that of producer. the first projects were mainly in the so called acid jazz domain. there were some downtempo jazzy instrumentals that nervous records in new york picked up and released on vinyl and full length cd. as the acid jazz sound started to fade Julius moved on to produce more club oriented dance tracks. along with producing his own solo projects he collaborated with jay-j hernandez as the buddy boys and shuffle inc. he has also teamed up with rick pristine to form the pap/pristine project and more recently with dave warren of the band slide five.

“i do have one disappointment relating to this business i’m in. why is club/dance music so underappreciated and underexposed in the u.s.? with all the media power and the number of radio stations, it’ sad to see how little of the music gets the attention it deserves. on the plus side, being a dj/producer give me the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally to different cities and observe how the different crowds react to my music.”