Julio Posadas was born in 1973 in Malaga. The emigration of their ancestors brought him to Barcelona where he grow up.. Everything began at the age of 14 years, when his ... read more
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Julio Posadas was born in 1973 in Malaga. The emigration of their ancestors brought him to Barcelona where he grow up.. Everything began at the age of 14 years, when his passion for the music make him discover the sound dance.

Very young he worked in well-known clubs of the region of his town called Maresme (Barcelona). 5 years were those that cabin after cabin fomented their experience in the plates. Those years had a huge musical variety. The untiring spirit of Julio to discover new ways in the Dance style helped to develop the other professional face. Today, this is bringing tones of compensations. (in the musical production).

From the year 1991 until today Julio has composed more than 350 songs (about 180 maxi seven inches)

His evolutionary character has made possible to set him as a pioneer of some of the styles that at this certain moment are sounding in most of the clubs of Spain. We could have a deep vision of their past activities (performances in different countries from several continents), diverse awards like for example: Two platinum discs, a golden record, appearances in international chains of TV.

It would take hours and hours explaining all the experiences of this great artist, but it is not the case, This comment serve to demonstrate that Julio is not a simple Dj. Effort after effort he acquired a big experience on the plates. Having had a short look to his experience, we ll take special attention of his career on the last five years:

Julio s life has suffered a few musical changes, due to the eagerness of evolution and overcoming that always has given so many challenges him to cover.

In 1999, he took the most difficult step of his profession (to produce techno music). Julio suffered several rejections of extremist sectors of techno, since according to some people they did not understand how a people coming from a different background was able to compose techno.

From those moments, Julio works only and exclusively for him, subjects like Dsigual vol 5, Tribal, The Return (production elaborated for one of the most important labels of the sound BPM Dance).

In 2000 its musical tendency is already clearly Techno and House, its denominated production S.XXI demonstrates it very clearly.

Julio Posadas has been in tones of even around Spain, discotecques like Txitxarro, Itzela, Nyx and Splash (Euskadi and Cantabria), Family, the moon, Cuevas and Orion (Castilla la Mancha), ATTICA (room techno), Groove Dance Club (room techno), and room the Stone (Linares Jaen).

Julio made notice himself in several productios as Evolution (Electropolis), Titanium, the Stone, (One Way) Elektrik (Tekktonn), a techno label MD Records. In addition he joined to Luismi Family in party session to record a compilation called Technomad. Session Free Style (This project has received very good critics world wide)

The last project that Julio Posadas released was a compilation with the main songs of his career. (the compilation are 4 Cds with an excellent layout). With this compilation he demonstrates his great evolution in 10 years of musical producer. This season was over and now he lead himself to a new evolution of 4 years where he brought an exquisite productions of techno house which they are published in best labels of this style at national and international level. It has been a big influence to his sessions.

Summer 2002 is released a maxi with a heavy house influence under the name Infinity Dreams through the label CASSAMBA RECORDS and included in Ibiza Platinum 2. In November 2002 he recorded for the label DONKEY HEAD (Cristian Valera s label). This song appeared in Germany in a compilation DJ MAS RICARDO together with the following artist: Robbie Rivera, Underworld, Moby,… All of them made a release show at Emotion (Madrid) having a session with the revolutionary Final Scratch (Nowadays, he goes with him in all his sessions).

Sessions that gave him a local residence in the Techno club Family (Sonseca) where he had a session every month. Session alter session he won his own respect and support on the Catalunya area. Thanks to his support his has had session on all this clubs: EIX CLUB, MAKOKI (Tarrega), UNIVERSE VOLTECH,KGB,COSMIC CLUB (MIllenium) and DELOCA.

His best works as a producer were released in May 2003. Their main names are: Julio Posadas-Indhu(Appears on the Kiss Playlist de Graham Gold and Essential Mix of Valentino Kanzyani) from Tekktonn (Md Records), Larson-Native (Song included on the Carl Cox top ten de Carl Cox, this song sounded on their sessions in the party on Ibiza Island) from Tekkton(MD Records), Julio Posadas-Niko(Donkeyhead 006) and in June 2003 Julio Posadas-Oponed (Tanga Tech) nominated to be the best techno song in the DEEJAY AWARDS. On December 2003, he went to the ITZELA anniversary.

January 2004, appeared the Julio Posada diamond. His song Kapoeira. (included on the DJ Preach s Top Ten and also included in different compilation as NYSO of DJ Q HEY (Japan), Abiz Sondo of Smoka Records and Dj Newl TECHNOISE 2) of Pornographic Recordings nominated to be the techno song by the magazine DJ1. This nomination set Julio as a best techno producer of 2004. He won this award, too. All this experience made Julio to do a performance together with Carl Cox in Bilbao.

January 2004, he created his own discography FREESTYLE RECORDINGS. His first release was JULIO POSADAS-Junior in April 2004 (This record won the following award: Best techno son on the magazine Deejay-Deejaymags 2004), LARSON-Groovy and JULIO POSADAS-HEAVY METAL (included on the compilation 160 min. Of Marco Bailey) in May 2004. Six month later he created JP RELEASES, his second discography where Julio is the owner together with Freestyle.

The first releases were Julio Posadas-Digital Poison, recently included in a session of BBC Radio 1 by Carl Cox. In the same session Carl used the song Julio Posadas-Friends & Enemys. This song will be releaser 23rd Century (Discography of Carl Cox) y Larson-Txakra included in the recently chart of Takaaki Itoh.

As a DJ he has seen once in a moth at the Txill-Aut at the Club Txitxarro in Euskadi. Actually you can see every month in the Club Guass en Elgoibar and others performances around Spain.

Julio is still full of music talent where instead of following his head, he decided to follow his Herat. Every time he does a performance he demonstrate what he is doing and make the audience to feel alive with their tunes