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Julie Emerson

London, United Kingdom

Progressive House, Techno, Trance

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Julie Emerson is a rising star on the world trance scene, managing to create a unique style that combines elements of trance, progressive and techno.

Her signature is that of an eclectic style of dance music: she builds DJ sets that can not be attributed to a particular style, successfully combining different types of music – a style extremely well perceived by audiences worldwide.

Her sets are immersed in dynamic tech, warm melodic progressive and, of course, powerful and energetic trance. Julie Emerson’s amazing skill has made her a worldwide demand.

Julie works with Ableton live, helping to make her set even more lively and energetic, involving listeners in the experience and process of her compositions’ creation.

Her unusual and bizarre ‘fairylike’ performances amaze listeners and delight even the most sophisticated audiences. The unique energy, quality of performance and, of course, lively presentation leave positive and vivid memories in the hearts of her fans.

Julie also has a place at the finest trance radio station, Sense.FM, where she hosts her monthly show Get GROOVE. This powerful flow of energy, rhythm and positive emotions is a culmination of the most dynamic and relevant electronic music. Using only the newest and most progressive tracks, this DJ delights her listeners with an unusual and unique blend of trance, progressive, house, and tech – a combination which has become synonymous with the name Julie Emerson.