Top 25k on The DJ List

Julian Dj

Torino, Italy


Butterfly Experience Records, Work In Work
Julian Dj Beatport


Julian Dj is becoming one of most popular Italian hardstyle dj in Europe. With Davide Sonar he produce ANALOGIC DISTURBANCE, PSYCHO HARDSTYLERS, and of course JULIAN DJ & DAVIDE SONAR. They form the “magic duo” and after only two years they’re present in many hardstyle clubs for destroy the dancefloor with their special dj set. The sound is hard, the people jumps for all the time listening to the 30 (and more) their productions. In the bags there is also 1 special double vinyl : “TECHNO NOISESTHE 1st ALBUM” that include the massive hits “TECHNO NOISE”, “GO GO GO” , “ARE YOU READY” and the famous remix of “AMENO”! After have made important remixes for important European artist (like Trance Generators, Beholder & Ballistic, Hardheadz, The Prophet…) now they’re ready to prepare a new hit for play all over the world the next year!!!!

JULIAN DJ & DAVIDE SONAR are waiting you…