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Born from a singer mother & a classic guitarist/ jazz ballet dancer father, Jul Räken have always been involved into music. Influenced by his father’s love for Disco (Studio54, Michael Jackson, etc.) and Progressive Rock (mostly Pink Floyd), Julien got his ear for groove and melody at early age. At 7 years old, he discovered, thanks to his great-aunt, the piano. His appreciation for this instrument has been a love story that stayed for almost 7 years. Learning many different styles (classic, pop & mainly: jazz). Ten years later, he bought a bass guitar, started to play with friends and got back the interest into music creation and play.

A few months later, Jul got his first decks, met the Montreal DJ “Carl Müren” who became his mentor & started to play all around gigs and clubs, getting more and more recognized for his work and energy that he put in his shows. What was a part time passion became rapidly a lifestyle career.

Since then, he is producing tracks that get support by many DJs, Producers, Magazines and Radios from all around the world, taking attention from some of the biggest names of the electronic music industry. Being into a non-stop limit pushing state of mind, the best of his career is still to come!