Top 25k on The DJ List

Judd Xavier

Manila, Philippines



Judd Xavier’s passion for deep funky House Music began at the live party scene within San Francisco. As a huge fan of house music, he frequented parties hosted by Remedy, Funky Techno Tribe, and 2nd Sunday. He has been absorbing the whole House scene and finding inspiration to this day. The deep flowing tracks, and funky rhythmic beats quickly became his passion, and soon enough he found his talent and love in spinning House music.

Traveling together in Europe along with his longtime friend Bobby Dela Cruz, Judd was able to share a true Global appreciation for this music called House. While in Ibiza, Spain within the ever popular El Divino Discotheque, Judd remembers dancing to the Defected (record label) sounds of Junior Jack & Kid Creme. The sound system is incredible and the crowd’s energy is intoxicating. This place is truly a mecca for world class global grooving. Experiences like these inspire DJs like Judd Xavier. Before Europe, Judd was moved by the musical talents of the Global Sessions DJs. Judd started his Djing career. Judd enjoys the music that is widely appreciated and withing a drug free scene. He applauds music with substance that appeals to crowds under the influence of beautiful music.

Originally inspired by the musical talents of Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, and Sergio Aragones, Judd finally purchased his turntables and mixer. After many months of continuous practice and learning from his mentors Federico Zabala and Sergio Aragones, Judd was given the opportunity to play for Global Sessions. He eventually was given residencies at the Red Room (Agenda Lounge) then at Foxy (Cardiff Lounge), opening up for the likes of Jay-J, Julius Papp, Rick Preston and Franky Boissy. With fierce tenacity, Judd still yearns for the sound that creates a deep positive vibe, funky enough to fill a dance floor and lift spirits toward a natural high. A song entitled “Keep On Rising” by Latrice Barnett sums it up. He ever so wants to share his passion and positive drive. His love for the deep melodic beats and funky rhythms within underground house tracks has been a growing passion put into his mixing, in which he dreams to share with everyone everywhere.