Top 25k on The DJ List

Juan Segovia

San Francisco, United States



Juan Segovia was born in Guatemala and moved to California at the ripe age of 12. Since then he has traveled the world over in search of sounds that combine cultural inspiration and his love of rhythm. He was introduced to electronic music in the mid ’80s when House music was making its debut. By 1991 he had caught the full on fever of “dance music.”

The main artists that have influenced him in his work are Fluke, Orbital, Peter Gabriel, FSOL, Herbie Hancock, Tito Puente, and the classic jazz kings. As a DJ, he holds much reverence for Ritchie Hawtin, Nick Warren and all the SF underground DJs, most importantly the Harmony kids. These multi-talented experts motivated and inspired him to begin his DJ career.

For over ten years Juan has been a vinyl record junkie and has become obsessed with finding and exposing new music. When not playing out, he is either experimenting with sounds in his San Francisco studio or furiously searching for recent material in the depths of the city’s record shops. Throughout the years he has purchased and played trance, house, breaks, and even drum and bass records. He is now back to the roots of Techno, coming full circle, as it were.

Juan’s music reflects his mood. At times he will play a very minimal set with just a soft house flare. Other times it will be some funky, techie, yet hard-thumping tunes. However, his trademark sound lately is energetic and high-octane blends of aggressive funky beats with interesting bases fused together to create an intense uplifting energy. He infuses these unexpected but fitting sounds on the fly during a performance, displaying a true love for his art. Not afraid to experiment, he risks humiliation before thousands.

No two performances are ever the same. He blends his sets in such a way to take the dance floor through the pages of a crazy musical story, with several characters, settings, schemes, twists and turns throughout the night. Few master the flow of seamless genre shifting in one set with such technical, artistic and smooth transitional style. However on occasion he’s been known to execute sessions of straight ahead techno without an ounce of deviation. When the party comes to a close, he never fails to let the dance floor down gently, leaving participants with a feeling that they “are no longer in Kansas anymore.”

Not quite a producer but rather a “live” performer. Juan Segovia has crafted many live PA sets consisting of original tracks and remix work of other very talented artists. His sets are constructed much like a vinyl DJ set and never disappoints his audience by giving them a continuous dose of funky yet pumping tracks.

Like his DJ name, Juan Segovia is exotic and stands above the rest with his flawless mixing, technical playfulness and a powerful party presence. Well known as being a bit of an eccentric behind the decks, this mixologist must be seen to be appreciated! Striving on originality and keeping the crowd guessing, gasping and stomping until the early hours with a unique blend of funky breaks and earth moving techno, Juan’s popularity continues to grow.