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Juan Pablo Pfirter

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Minimal, Tech House

AKA: Jp Pfirter

Acktivism Limited, Acktivism Recordings, CL Recordings
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Juan Pablo Pfirter is one of the main icons of the electronic scene in Argentina. After 13 years of a solid career, Juan Pablo, now 29 years old, has developed a very unique and personal style, mainly because of his very particular set, that includes Minimal, Electro, Acid and Minimal Techno. In his record bag, you can find labels as Minus, Morris Audio, Wordansound, Trapez, Plus 8, Kompakt…

His constant work in the last 10 years, allows him to perform nowadays in the best clubs in Argentina and South America (Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador…). And he performs regularly in Europe, on big clubs such as The End (London) or City Hall (Barcelona).

Plan Tec is Pfirter`s production alias along with Argentinean producer Jonatan Kopp. In the last two years, they`ve released on MindTrip Music, Huron Records, Acktivism Recordings, Circular Rec, Ground Recordings among others.

Besides, Juan Pablo Pfirter is also member of GrooveSquad, along with dj Juan Pablo Sgalia. Together, they perform on a Back 2 Back format, with 4 Tourntables, 2 Mixers and effects. Their sets are well known for its length: between 10 and 12 Hours each set.

But Juan Pablos presence on the Argentinean electronic scene is not recent. He’s been working on dance stations in Buenos Aires almost for 2 decades, since the beginning of electronic radio stations (Z 95, X4, Energy FM, Power, Eco FM). Also, between 2003 and 2004, Pfirter enjoyed of a residence at Mint, one of the most important clubs in South America. At Mint, Juan Pablo played with some of the Biggest Icons of House and Techno music: Richie Hawtin, Christian Smith, John Acquaviva, Eddie Richards, Justin Robertson, Mr C, Nathan Coles, Green Velvet, just to name a few.

He also performed in the biggest festivals in the region: South American Music Conference (2004), Personal Fest (2004), BUE (2004), Winter Music Conference (2001), Bs As Parade (1999, 2000). And also in clubs and festivals in Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Spain, USA, Germany.