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Los Angeles, United States

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The ability to control an audience of hundreds of people has become something of a lost art. With the advent of digital DJ technology, hordes of fresh-faced new “DJs” are beginning to enter an already competitive market. All types, genres, and facets of music are available to any DJ at any time making it almost impossible to distinguish one DJ from the next.


With over 10 years of crowd moving experience and an extensive knowledge of music that spans over the past 5 decades, DJ J-Trix can be considered one of the most underrated DJs of this generation. His style includes an arsenal of music that crosses between a multitude of genres, from Hip-Hop to Rock, 80’s to Electro, and Disco to Top 40. DJ J-Trix’s sets don’t just involve playing songs, but also incorporating live blends and mash-ups, as well as turntablism influenced scratching.

An accomplished club DJ for the past 10 years, DJ JTRIX can also be heard by over 2 million listeners every Saturday night on San Francisco’s premiere Top 40/Urban radio station, WiLD 94.9. He has also performed alongside various Grammy award winning artists as well as many independent, up and coming musical acts.

Whether he’s playing for 50, 500, or 5,000 people, DJ JTRIX has one goal and one goal only:

“I believe that too often DJs are influenced by the politics surrounding them, and then that gives them the illusion that they have to be something more than the audience that they’re playing for. In the end, it’s about one thing and one thing only, the people that are dancing and enjoying what I’m supplying them.”

DJ JTRIX’s vast knowledge of music, keen ability to read any crowd, and larger than life personality has established him as one of the premiere DJs in today’s nightlife and entertainment industry.