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BIOGRAPHY – The meaning of journey


Jose Reyes New York

Miami Beach has long been recognized as a creative playground for up and comers in the entertainment industry. Many of today’s biggest stars in the Music and DJ scene were discovered while honing their trade in its legendary nightclubs. Striving to follow in the footsteps of such luminaries as Danny Tenaglia and Victor Calderone comes South Florida native, DJ JRNY.

Jose Reyes, producing under the acronym JRNY (pronounced ‘Journey’), was born in Puerto Rico in 1974 but spent much of his teen years living in Chicago, Miami and New York. Showing an affinity for the underground punk lifestyle early on, Jose, who taught himself how to play drums and guitar and was invited to join several garage bands over the course the 80’s and early 90’s. During that time, he learned the essentials of song writing and the music industry in general. That strong foundation would eventually assist him in obtaining a recording contract with one of today’s most sought after producers and would land him coveted residencies at South Beach’s most selective hot spots.

Jose has been a staple of the South Beach scene since the heydays of the legendary Liquid Nightclub where he was first introduced to Madonna’s producer and DJ to the stars, Victor Calderone. Victor was a driving force behind Jose’s will to create music and was a great source of support and inspiration throughout. In 2000, one of Jose’s first remix attempts, Celeda’s “The Underground”, caught Victor’s ear and was subsequently featured in his White Party set. Word of the mix spread quickly and eventually got the attention of Peter Rauhofer who owned the recordings label, Star 69 Records. Peter, who had just won a Grammy award for Remixer of the year, recognized the upcoming talent and was curious to hear more from the young producer. A collaboration with longtime associate Mitch [email protected] resulted in the underground smash ‘Alright! Strobelight!’ which Peter signed immediately and subsequently resulted in Jose’s first hit recording. The track entered Billboard as #3 Breakout in January 2002. The label was thirsty for more.

While in New York finalizing work on “Strobelight”, Jose spent spare time working on new productions. An acquaintance had slipped him a mesmerizing vocal from another Miami resident, Ceevox. The vocal was a cover version of the Gladys Knight classic ‘My Imagination’. Ceevox’s powerful vocal prowess inspired JRNY and in just 3 days, Jose would complete what would be his first billboard hit. The mix was an instant smash and the song stayed in the Billboard Dance Chart’s top 10 for over 7 weeks peaking at number 3. Additional support from DJ’s and Producers like Junior Vasquez and Thunderpuss helped “My Imagination” became one of the biggest dance songs of the year and put JRNY’s name on the map for good.

Soon, every club in South Beach wanted this hot new Producer behind their turntables. Calls came pouring in from the promoters of the cities most elite party spaces. JRNY is currently a monthly resident at both Crobar’s hugely popular Anthem on Sundays and Friday at Level for Federation/1235 on South Beach’s infamous Washington Avenue. He has been the headliner for Jeffrey Sanker at Miami’s Billboard and will also be featured by Jeffrey at this years Gay Days at Disney, Orlando. Jose has also been invited on several occasions to open for Peter Rauhofer at the world famous Roxy nightclub in New York City and has been a guest of Victor Calderone as well, opening for him at events all over South Florida. Other dates include LA’s Palace for ‘Spin’, and Fire Island’s legendary Pines Tea Dance.

The future looks bright for JRNY. There are many new productions in the works including follow up’s to both “My Imagination” and “Alright! Strobelight!” and the release of his newest production " I Give You Light". He will also be the next DJ to beat mix a compilation for Peter Rauhofer’s “This is Star 69” series and plans have been made for a full length LP of new material sometime in the near future. Upcoming live tour dates will include some of the most sought after DJ gigs in Miami, New York, Fire Island, Los Angeles, Toronto and Israel.

Jose continues to push forward in his attempts of obtaining his dream of world club domination. It is a calling that cannot go unanswered. “There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing thousands of people are being moved by your music and you’re making a living out of doing what you love. If it all had to end tomorrow, at least you had the chance to make people happy” Hopefully, we’ll be taking this JRNY for years to come.