Jp Bates Beatport


Patrik Andersson A.K.A JP Bates is a DJ/Producer from Stockholm, Sweden. Began his DJ career in 1998 at a friend’s birthday party, after that his interest of DJing grew and in 2000 he joined a 2 month long DJ education in Stockholm.

And after that he spent most of his free time spinning records.

Over the past years he’s played on the internationally known Monday Bar Cruises and parties and the legendary Technoclub in Frankfurt, alongside names such as Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Markus Schultz, Gareth Emery , Myon And Shane 54, Menno De Jong etc.

Patrik was born on May 25th 1982. Music has been in his family since he was born, played the piano for two years at the age of 8. Unfortunately he lost interest for music and the piano.

But later on the music-interest came back when he was introduced to the music-producing program Rebirth in 2002.

Many hours where spent on that and a few good melodies were made, but none of it saw the light of day.

2007 was he introduced to Cubase and FL Studios, he immediately got hooked and spent many many hours in front of the computer.

The first release was a collab with Hodel called “Mirrors” and was released on Perceptive Recordings, And was supported by Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Aly & Fila, Manuel Le Saux, Roger Shah, Super8 & Tab, Daniel Kandi and many more.

It also appeared on Armin Van Buurens – A State Of Trance Top 15 March 2010

They will continue collaboration together, and their next release “Nowhere” will be in late August this year.

2010 have more in store for JP Bates with more productions and remixes in the pipeline, so keep your eyes open.