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Sydney, Australia

Hardcore / Hard Techno

JTS Recordings
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Relocating from Brisbane to Sydney in 2005 it wasn’t long before Jozzi developed an eclectic taste for all styles of Hard Dance. Frequently attending the iconic Club Sublime on Friday nights, spending countless nights burning holes in the dance floor and quickly attending her first rave. It was here that she discovered her driving passion for UK Hardcore.

She knew then that it was the beginning of something special – the energy in the kicks, the mood affecting melodies, the beautiful vocals and the way it unites each and every raver – especially that cheesy anthems set at the end of the night!

Deciding to take her passion further, Jozzi bought 2 turntables, a mixer and a handful of Raver Baby Vinyl Classics. First practising in secret in her bedroom before a Friday night pre-party mixing session with friends became a regular occurrence.

In 2010 Jozzi debuted under the alias of Energizer Bunny at the very club where it all began, Sublime. This set truly defined everything she had been working for, as set thatmarked the beginning of the amazing journey that she is still living today.

Since her debut Jozzi has been lucky enough to support artists such as Darren Styles (UK), Gammer (UK), Technikore (UK), Brisk (UK), JTS, Haze, Weaver, Suae, Pulsar, Dover and Ravine – all influences from day one. Jozzi’s catapulting drive has also seen her enter the studio with JTS learning to produce, resulting in 2 huge collaboration and many other projects to be released by the end of the year.

With a residency at OneSeventy, a set at Bass Control 2013 and regular appearances at Hardcore Masif, it is safe to say that Jozzi is here to stay. Follow her as she continues to deliver floor stomping sets, producing tracks that make the ravers dance and unleashing the inner raver in everyone. With aspirations to one day play at HTID in the Sun (truly raver’s paradise) there really is no telling how far her passion will take her.

A raver through and through, behind the decks and on the dance floor.