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Joy Kitikonti

Florence, Italy

House, Tech House

Ametist-Records, Analytictrail, Antibemusic
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“Music is the beginning of life, playing for me is a necessity: Sounds are like words and you can combine them in thousands of different ways but sometimes you can’t control them… When an artist plays he always shows something about his soul, his mind and his heart.”

Anyway who ask Joy Kitikonti what is music will get this answer…and he continues “Life is a mix: a combinations of sounds, styles, places, pictures. Contamination is the key to re-invent and to live own life, to escape from banality and from something of already seen or heard.”

Musician, dj and producer, Joy Kitikonti is a polyhedric artist with several discographic successes, important partnerships and awards in his background. All these experiences made him the complete artist of today. Joy Kitikonti was born in Tuscany. He felt immediately a great passion for music when he was young, probably influenced by his father, a musician during 60’s 70’s. His career began in 80’s, he was a self taught musician, skilful with the drum and percussion instruments. In 1990 he became producer. In 1996 he became a member of Media Records. Here he realized important productions, a lot of remix and numerous collaborations with djs. A lot of his productions were born under nicknames like: JoyKit, Rocktronick Orchestra, Marikit, Farmakit, Joman, Jakyro… “Joyenergizer (BXR)“ made him famous in all the world. “Joyenergizer” went on the top of European chart.

He made two important movie’s remixes: The shaltering Sky and Rain Man.

All these experiences made him the complete artist of today. His underground vocation comes from those boundary territories, where music means fun, not just money, where friendship among the artists goes further than the interests of the music industry.

Joy has already released hundreads of tracks during the latest years, both under his real name and under different pseudonyms;. Some labels: UMM (Media Records), BXR (MediaRecords), Desolat, Nervous Natura Viva, Orion Muzik, Analytictrail, Mindshake, Neuton Music, Waldliebe Familen, Eukahouse, Scandium, Bluefin and more..

2017 is a very important year for him. Joy is back home!! Hi signed with Gianfranco Bortolotti for Media Records Group

Joy Kitikonti is a complete artist and he has a deep musical background, he’s really appreciated by his collegues for his creative fantasy and his original sound.