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Los Angeles, United States

Electronica, Techno

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DJ JOUNCE (Producer, Songwriter, Musician, DJ/MC)

Straight out of the heart of Los Angeles, California – DJ Jounce is making some noise as a solo artist and with several up and coming artists in the Electronic/Dance music scene. As a songwriter, producer, and DJ, Jounce is consistently creating original and uncompromisingly respectable Electronic and Dance music for his growing legion of fans worldwide. As a musician, Jounce uses his guitar, piano & bass skills in the studio … and…he even sings amazingly well in the shower. “Music is my life and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. It won’t end until I get to share this beautiful madness in my head with the world. Get your earful now!”

Jounce began writing and performing music in grade school. In 2006, he graduated at the top of his class from the Recording Institute of Technology (RIT) at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. After graduating, Jounce formed Room Trip Music to umbrella his own musical endeavors and creative collaborations. In 2010, he recorded his debut CD entitled Homeless Volume 1, which, while not officially released, was a surprising treat of electro house music for his fans across the world.

In the Summer of 2010, everyone could emulate a piece of Jounce’s unique style, as Calvin Klein featured DJ Jounce in its worldwide marketing campaign for the launch of CK’s new Brand X clothing.

Jounce has enjoyed several residencies and entertained large audiences in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and around the globe for his international fans. A great honor was when he hosted (MC’d) and DJ’d the Star Face Runway Fashion Show in Los Angeles.

Jounce focuses his energy on writing and producing any style of music that he can spin at a club: Dance, Pop, Electro, House, Techno, Hip Hop, and more. Recently, he has spent most of his time working with other Room Trip artists. In the past year, Jounce has collaborated on over 15 different tracks with seven different artists. Look for Room Trip Music to release many of these tracks on CD and iTunes this year.

Keeping incredibly busy and continuing his exposure across the world, like having a featured interview on ArtistFirst World Radio Network, Jounce makes it a priority to find the time to do what he loves most and spins every week at private parties, nightclubs, and special events. With a multitude of projects underway this year, Jounce would like to enhance his live performances with a complete light show and imagery on video screens, creating the complete audio and visual experience. Jounce has also formed Audoria, a live electronic act that is part of the 2011 Warped Tour Battle of the Bands.

For upcoming releases, tour dates, and the latest info on DJ Jounce, visit:

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SHERRYCE (Singer, Songwriter)

Sherryce is an up and coming singer/songwriter recently relocated to Los Angeles. She started her music career in the small town of Baker City, Oregon (cow town USA). Later moving onto college in western Oregon, she studied music and toured Europe with a collegiate choir performing in Estonia’s prestigious Laulupidu.

In 2007 Sherryce joined U.S. PIPE, one of Colorado’s top funk/hip hop/rock bands. U.S. PIPE opened for the acclaimed George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, headlined at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and performed for VIP’s at the historical 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Sherryce’s other work includes a demo cd cut in 2009 that is soul/pop influenced and features guitarist Damon Wood, formerly of the James Brown band. This year her endeavors incorporate studio work with Aarion Nesbit, writer and pianist for Al Green, and collaboration on an electronic pop project with Music Producer, DJ Jounce.

K’SANDRA (Singer, Songwriter, Musician)

K’Sandra has found her audience by helping them get lost. Lost in the music the way listeners used to get lost in Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin songs. "I admire how they found a groove to put themselves into a trance without getting bored,” K’Sandra says.

Her inspiration came when she decided to put that rock feel together with dance. In her music, unstoppable dance tracks combine with a rock n’ roll sensibility in a way that takes listeners on a journey that pulls them into the moment and keeps them there.

She’s not all about happy feet. There is a sadness, a depth in her music that tinges the celebration with longing. Her music embraces the full experience of being human—the happy and the sad, the joyful and the melancholy, the stillness of peace and the restless movement of the body compelled by a relentless beat. It’s the kind of music you relate to more than listen to. “It is all about the magic that is left in people’s memories once you are gone and your music lives on,” she says. She comes from a background of discipline and commitment, qualities she developed while studying music and singing at a classical conservatory.

Light’n Dark features tracks such as “Gossip”, written by a Natasha Bedingfield/Beyonce/ Keri Hilson writer and a Slash/Fergie producer as well as “Finger on the Trigger” and “I Like It”, produced by JD Salbego, who worked with Snoop Dogg, Usher and Jason Derulo. But don’t forget her strongest influence: K’Sandra herself. She is a one-woman dynamo, artist and entrepreneur. There is only one word that describes her. K’Sandra.

SHA SABI (Singer, Songwriter, Musician)

It all began when they handed her a Casio keyboard at the tender age of negative seven. Sha Sabi has been making music in the key of imaginary numbers ever since. After playing a little bit of everything (bass, synth, iPhone, Kittenish purrs) in a bunch of different bands, Sha Sabi is known as one of the ‘electro-rock darlings’ of the San Francisco scene. She has now moved to Los Angeles after fleeing from a stalker and has finally agreed to release a solo album of sorts (which is really just a collaboration album, because that’s just so much more fun). The upcoming release features collabs with DJs, producers, and other assorted geniuses.

MOUTHPIECE (Rapper, Songwriter)

It’s Mouthpiece a.k.a Lucius [Lou-shuss] Montana a.k.a Dr. Spiel a.k.a Plan Z.. I’ve lived everywhere but I come from Fairfield and the Murderous part of East Oakland, CA you feel me. 2800 T.O.T.T, ya’ll know what it is. Currently living in Los Angeles, same game just different scenery you feel me. There are a lot of messages that need to be said, and there are a lot things that should be heard. Whether it’s political, misery, street life, lavish living, story telling or a life changing event; I can relate to anybody and I can reiterate ANYTHING musically.

GRAFFITTI NOTEZ (Rapper, Singer, Songwriter)

Before there was Graffitti Notez there was Faith Washington. Born and raised in Fairfield, CA Graffitti Notez was a different kind of kid, taking interest in jazz music at a very young age in her elementary years. This musical journey began in the 5th grade with a saxophone in one hand and a Louise Armstrong cd in the other. Hot cross buns eventually turned into Take 5. Soon after Graffitti started digging into the hip hop scene writing her first rap at the age of 13. All the while, broadening her horizons in her musical capabilities and exceeding into the development of becoming a musician first as all else fell into place.

DOZA (Rapper, Songwriter)

Doza, (born Anthony Sales Mendoza), is a rapper based out of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Born into a slew of domestic problems which made him quiet as a child, he found solace in music. Heavily influenced by west coast culture and the “gangsta rap” genre, he effectively picked up rapping as a major hobby, which amounted to his listing of “musician” as his career goal in his grade school yearbook. In his teens he was introduced to the dark side of the culture he admired, becoming involved with local gangs. His experiences during that time of his life became the basis of his future musical style. Constantly being a standout in freestyle cyphers, he further attempts to put his stamp on the hip hop game by teaming up with DJ Jounce early 2010.