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Joshua Ryan

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Joshua Ryan’ taste for techno began when he discovered the dance track, “Open Up,” which was released in 1993 by one of his favorite artists, John Lydon of P.I.L., in collaboration with the band, Leftfield. The breakthrough single inspired Joshua Ryan to leap into the sordid world of electronic music which quickly developed into an addiction. Inspired by epic Platipus tunes, film and stage soundtracks, and moody, melancholic brit pop, Joshua salvaged his brother’ old Casio CZ-5000 and a Yamaha RX-7 drum machine and began twiddling knobs on his own. For Joshua Ryan, creating trance music was empowering. He compares its ability to generate and convey emotion in a way that parallels the classical works of Beethoven, Bach, and Dvorak. Following in the school of Paul Van Dyk, Josh has developed his production skills and DJ’ing talents simultaneously. With DJ gigs across the US, he is well on his way to becoming a part of the trance resurgence in America. However his claim to fame has been the string of records he has released over the last two years. His first release lauched the Rampant Records sub-label, Slinky, “Hush,” backed with “Doinyourheadin.” Joshua quickly followed up with “Dontlookback,” which received heavy play and charting from the likes of Sasha & Digweed. Soon after, he remixed Paul Grogan’ “The Touch,” and the Coffeeboys, “Turtlehead,” on Rampant. In 1999, he brought us the summer smash, “Pistolwhip,” to Fragrant Music. While the flipside, “Distance,” turned some heads, it was “Pistolwhip,” that made everyone look up and ask “Damn, who did that track?!” It found its way onto mix CDs such as DJ Brian’ “Hardesertrance 3,” on Moonshine Music, Thomas Michael’ mix for Phatt Phunk, Guy Ornadel’ “Licence To Thrill,” for Automatic Records in England, just to name a few. “Pistolwhip” was also picked up for the soundtrack to 989 Studios “Jet Moto 2025,” Playstation title. It not only surprised DJ’ and dancefloors alike with it’ explosive energy, but it also cemented Joshua’ position as one of the up and comers in the American trance community. And then, Joshua Ryan came out with a slew of remixes. He reworked MCA’ Mankind Liberation Front for City of Angels, Red Shift’ “Feelin It” for Fragrant, Cirrus’ “Break The Madness” on Moonshine, and completed a mix of Matullo’ “Deep Disconnect” for N.E.M. Records in Florida. The prestigious Scottish trance-haven Hook Recordings inspired Josh to remix their biggest record ever, “Neurp” and he co-wrote and co-produced the debut record (Real/ Unreal) for DJ Doran’ new label, Crush Recordings. Josh hasn’t slowed down though, he’ spending as much time as possible in the studio working on original material which has definitely paid off .His new single, “Thunderclap” back with “The Chase” on Fragrant was released in 2000. Along with his busy DJ schedule, he has made time to come out with 3 new remixes this year; Cleveland Lounge’ “Drowning” on Moonshine, Ksaut’ “Mars Explorer” on Stimuli (Caffeine’ trance label), and Matullo’ “Big Silver” on N.E.M. Look out for Joshua’ new CD on Palm Pictures and the re-release and remix of “Pistolwhip” and “The Chase” on Nulife UK. Joshua Ryan may be the brightest young electronic talent in the U.S. Urb magazine has already profiled him as a DJ in their selective “Hey DJ” page, and he was featured on the cover for “The Sixth Annual Next 100” issue in April 2000. His momentum seems to have no end in sight. Listen carefully!