Top 25k on The DJ List

Josh Gram

Dallas, United States



Josh Gram’s passion for music has been a lifelong journey. The nurturing of his talent began with his first drum set at age five. The experience he creates from the DJ booth is the result of more than twenty-five years of musical study and practice, backed by his desire and ambition to create something beautiful. Josh began his DJ career in 1994, while working as an Emcee in a karaoke/dance club. Though hired for his singing talent, Josh spent his spare time in the DJ booth teaching himself the art of beat mixing. Starting with vinyl, then mastering the skill of digital, he quickly secured his spot behind the decks. Within a month he found himself playing in front of the coveted Friday and Saturday night crowds. If you couldnt keep the dance floor packed, you didnt get to play he explained. Josh used those early years to develop his ability to read a crowd. He also built a diverse musical foundation and an appreciation for all genre of music, from Retro to R&B, Hip-Hop- to Pop. The new millennium brought about somewhat of an awakening in Josh. His eclectic styling became unmistakably focused. House and high energy dance music had overwhelmed his senses and captivated his soul. Since that time, Josh’s attention has been focused on his music. His technical ability is perfectly complimented by his creativeness. Now about to launch his 11th year “between the ear-phones”, his style is uniquely his own. "This music is my passion…I am a crowd driven DJ! There is nothing in the world like taking a crowd on a journey throughout the night. Watching their reactions to the music and energy on the dance floor is why I love this! I don’t just play the songs I want to hear… I play the music I feel. Josh currently lives in Dallas, TX, and holds a weekly residency at Club One.