Top 50k on The DJ List

Josh Craig

Park City, United States



Josh Craig has been playing for packed crowds for over seven years in Salt Lake City as well as Phoenix, Boise, and Los Angeles. He has had the opportunity to play along side such talented artists as Uberzone, Barry Weaver, Micro, Donald Glaud, DJ Dan, Cirrus, John Kelly, Mota, DRC, Robbie Hardkiss, Garth, and too many others to name.

It was in September of ‘95 when Josh first heard electronic dance music. He was instantly hooked. He immediately surrounded himself in the underground dance culture and bought his first set of DJ equipment. With help of DJ beaker, Dan Newman, and Mike Burmister, Josh started his first club called “The Underground”. Still only 16 years old it was quite the experience. It was just a small underground club, but it was a great way to get himself more involved in the scene.

In the fall of ‘98 Josh, along with Beaker, released their first mixed tape, entitled “Beaker vs. Josh Craig.” After the release of the tape Josh and Beaker knew it had come time to step it up a level, and in ‘99 they started playing shows together on 4 turntables. This rapidly increased their popularity. Playing together gained them the respect of the DJ community, and got them weekly bookings.

In June of 2000 Josh and Beaker released "Tech Files 1.1” This CD was their first professional recording and showed their love for house music. This immediately sparked the interests of promoters and they got their first booking in Phoenix. Shortly after returning Josh decided to spend a year away from the scene and work on toning his skills. Josh had literally locked him self in his room for a year and when he came out he had taken things to a new level.

In July of 2001 Josh and Beaker released “Tech Files 2.0” which once again showed their range in styles. After the release Josh decided to move to L.A. to go to school. With the seclusion of being in a new city and spending most of his time in school, Josh has been able to once again add to his bag of tricks. He thrives on “making his musical style centered around the dancers.”