Top 50k on The DJ List

Joseph Raymond

New York, United States

Progressive House, Tech House

AKA: Joseph Raymond Aka Jr



New York City has given birth to some of the greatest talents in the House music scene, from Junior Vasquez, Lil Louie, Jonathan Peters and so many more who have graced the world with the music we love and adore. New York City is also the place that Dj/Producer Joseph Raymond has lived everyday of his life.

Joseph Raymond is one of dance music’s brightest and most enduring upcoming stars, with talents from song writing, producing, playing drums, piano and DJ.

Joseph was into a wide range of music growing up and worked at mainline records in Queens, there he met many Dj’s such as Tony Draper and watched them as they played records and would create music seamlessly. Joseph started dj-ing spinning local house parties, school dances and local lounges near St Johns.

Joseph use to go to the Tunnel, Palladium, Limelight and would watch as Junior Vasquez would create a theater out of a dance floor and take you on a journey through his music. In 1997 on Valentine Day Joseph went to Sound Factory and saw Jonathan Peters work the records and the crowd,

The fire was burning inside Joseph as he knew that producing and music were what he wanted to do, but it was dj-ing that really lifted his soul and fueled his passion even further. To be able to energize a crowd and really take them on a musical journey of heart felt emotions and to feel their love and acceptance is the ultimate compliment and reward. Joseph loves all those who follow and support him, he looks at them as family and strongly believes in them as they believe in him. Without the fans and their support there would be no us, there would be no house…

As 2010 comes to a close the emergence of Joseph Raymond to the mass’s is steadily happening, as he delivers his sets and is at work producing new tracks be prepared to hear the sounds and music of Joseph Raymond. The peoples champion is Dj Joseph Raymond as he is all about the music and the people who love it.

New York City is about to have a new Chapter written in its historic dance music scene the era of JR is here…. Dj Joseph Raymond Embrace the experience..