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Joseph Mcgeechan

Berlin, Germany


Prosthetic Pressings
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Joseph McGeechan – LIVE.

Joseph McGeechan, aka iFormat, began his career in 2008 as one half of the BCR Boys they released on their own Backwater Community Recordings label and also on Perc Trax. With further releases on Synewave and Sleaze, 2011 saw them headline both Berlin heavyweights, Tresor and Berghain.

Joseph’s new solo project iFormat has a darker, more aggressive, industrial sound. Heavily influenced by the sinister and eerie soundscapes of sci-fi and horror movies, these give a disturbing sense of foreboding to McGeechan’s dystopian, post-punk exploration of the decay of society.

His music can be found on labels like: Synewave, Perc Trax, Prosthetic Pressings, Djax Upbeats, Sleaze, Monolith Records, BCR, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Affin, Slap Jaxx and many more.

His music has been supported by artists like Regis, Ancient Methods, Adam X, Dasha Rush, Xhin, Reeko, James Ruskin, Luke Slater, Bas Mooy, D.Carbone, Dave Clarke, Norman Nodge, Rebekah and many more.

Remixed by: Ancient Methods, Perc, Sawf, K209, Go Hiyama, Gary Beck, Mike Humphries, Audio Injection and many more, and has remixed artists like Miss Djax, Patrick DSP, Gary Beck, Monoloc, Hans Bouffmyhre and more.

Joseph has played alongside artists like Damon Wild, Marcel Dettmann, Diego Hostettler, Dave Ellesmere, Norman Nodge, Bas Mooy, Xhin, Rebekah, Hans Bouffmyhre, Billy Nasty, Space Djz, Psyk, Angel Alanis, Patrick Walker (FSG), Erphun, Casual Violence, Bill Youngman, Joey Beltram, The Advent, Pacou, The Horrorist and many more.

He has been a regular guest in Tresor, aswell as playing live in places like, Prague, Amsterdam, Koln, Berlin, Moscow, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Manchester,London,Leeds and Birmingham.


Joseph McGeechan


13/05/11 – Tresor, Berlin.

14/05/11 – Loop38, Zurich.

27/05/11 – The Vinyl Club – Leith FM

10/06/11 – Cabaret Voltaire,Edinburgh.

11/06/11 – Berghain, Berlin.

25/06/11 – Blindspot Radio.

01/07/11 – Soundhaus, Glasgow.

06/08/11 – Origin, Aberdeen.

09/12/11 – Tresor, Berlin.

31/12/11 – Hell ist Anders, Cologne.

20/01/12 – Le Cheeta Club,Glasgow.(iFormat Live).

10/03/12 – Cologne (iFormat live).

11/05/12 – Chicago Social club, Amsterdam.

12/05/12 XTC Radio live, Amsterdam.

06/07/12 – Unseen,Edinburgh(iformat).

17/08/12 – Tresor,Berlin(iFormat).

15/12/12 – Future-Past,Leeds(iFormat).

11/01/13 – YesClub,Prague(iFormat).

12/01/13 – Tresor,Berlin.

16/03/13 – Subland,Berlin.

06/04/13 – Tresor, Berlin.

26/04/13 – AUM, Birmingham.

24/08/13 – Tresor,Berlin.

23/10/13 –, Berlin.

23/11/13 – Plak, Berlin.

18/01/14 – Pravda, Moscow.

01/02/14 – Plak, Berlin.

08/02/14 – Tresor,Berlin.

26/04/14 – Veb, Berlin.

10/07/14 – Raw 99, Berlin.

23/07/14 – Tresor, Berlin.

20/09/14 – Club Charlotte, Meunster.

25/10/14 – Tresor, Berlin.

12/12/14 – Liber Null, Berlin.

13/02/15 – Tresor, Berlin.

18/04/15 – Tresor, Berlin.

24/04/15 – Butterflyeffect,London.

12/06/15 – Griessmule, Berlin.