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Joseph Gettright

Los Angeles, United States

Electro House, Hip-Hop

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Raised in Los Angeles, Joseph Gettright ran the streets of LA since he was a kid. He spends much of his time, deejaying and listening to music. With music influence from all over the world in Los Angeles, his style is a unique blend of many genres. Getting off to a late start in his deejaying career, (after developing his reputation as a party emcee and hype-man) he is described as an underdog deejay that packs a punch. Putting together his hype-man schooling along with his musical selections, his set will have you dancing the night away.

Having deejayed for only less than a year, Joseph was able to land a residency in Hollywood. Since then, he continued to develop his career as a deejay, landing him in top name clubs in Hollywood, such as, Les Deux, Avalon, Las Palmas, Key Club, My House, and H.wood. Within four years of deejaying, he has booked gigs in San Diego CA, Phoenix AZ, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, and within the last few years, has landed in Taipei, Taiwan, Las Vegas NV, Mexico and many cities in between.

While working for LA radio station Power 106 FM, he has had the opportunity to open shows emceeing and deejaying for artists, Ludacris, Lupe Fiasco, Ciara, Mario, Dazz Dilinger, Three 6 Mafia, 2 Live Crew, Lil, Mama, Mims, Roscoe Umali, The Far East Movement and Katt Wiliams. Along with these experiences, Joseph has had the joy of hearing some of his own song edits and mash-ups played over the airwaves in LA. Look for his mixtapes circulating around a city near you. He spends much of his time mixing and remixing songs so look for his mash ups being played in the club or remix playing over the air.

Joseph Gettright’s aspirations are not only to host television / cable television and deejay all over the world, but to make music, develop artists, and own his own company relating to event entertainment and marketing / consulting in the future. He also has aspirations to play small roles in movies and television shows in the future. J. Gettright was raised in the South Bay, Torrance, CA and resides in Burbank. With his experience and talent, you can catch this upcoming host/emcee/deejay combo running around your city in the near future!

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