Jose Garcia Beatport


DJ José García was born in Valencia in 1983. His musical career began in 1995 when 13 years of assistant Discomovil started with a familiar friend than the dj, then along with his friend started playing as a DJ in pubs and clubs was hai to 17 years when he was invited to take residence of a pub called mil.lenni where he began working for 5 years. from there he left a job offer from a local radio call-known bank fm. (105.5) which began on Saturday morning with a program called House Party mixing house and current house tracks from previous years. Success came to the months when he decided to do a tour of the best rooms and pubs in Valencia, the festival house party state Boards as an Vidre (Benifaió) mil.lenni (Sollana), go (Swedish), the nit (Chair) club underground (Chair) gallery (Silla), the Indian (Valencia) banannas (the Romany), course 144 (valencia), district (El Perello) Bruges (the Romany), puzzle (El Perello). penelope ( Valencia), study 90 (Sollana) glamorus (Rafelbuñol) summers club (Picassent). cojio after the controls of the room by clicking Bruges where he was 2004 years until they decided to withdraw temporarily mente.fue in 2007 where again prick with pins in pubs and nightclubs to