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Jorren B

Zaandam, Netherlands

House, Progressive House


Jorren B Born 11-04-1982 in Zaandam (the Netherlands)

Jorren started at the local radio studio @ zaanstad (Zaanradio).

First he played only Hardcore and harder stylez.

Later on the program the music will be more varied,

Music styles like Trance/Club passed by.

After 3 years Jorren wanted more than radio only, he went to the city and played in a few clubs.

Played in afterclubs like The livingroom, Line Up (A3) in Zaandam.

A few months later the website came online for photos and more info about Jorren B.

I have a new goal, the name is producing.

I produce with DJ Mark van Velsen, wanna here something about us?

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See ya all arround some day :)

Let the music guide you.

“With love Jorren”