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Jorge Vallés isn’t underground. Nor commercial. He moves himself free between those two concepts. His style is House in his harder kinds; Electro House, Progressive House and Funky/Club House.

Making mixes from tape to tape in his parents’ Hi-Fi when he was a child

Jorge Vallés started to discover what his vocation was: music production & mixing.

He was born in a family where the music was very important. His environment offered to him a varied musical education with styles as the Rock, Blues, Funky and Latin sound. But Jorge Vallés was specially attracted by the Dance music and when he grew his tastes evolved towards electronic music. Then he started to show interest for dance club music; House, Electro and Techno and started to make music with computer programs and instruments.

Later he studied sound and his production level grew. Then he started to release his tracks and slowly went through from amateur to professional.

His first Ep “Redew”, released on the independent label Lad Records, was #1 on Juno Charts in August 2011 and his Funky/Club House track “Don’t Yey”, released on Lad Records in September, recheases Juno Top50 Charts within one week.

Thanks to these successes, he is henceforth the 25th best dj/producer in Spain (Dj List).

He is now working on new projects to give you even more his powerful sound which spread energy along his tracks.

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