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A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jorge Ciccioli has quickly become one of the most sought-after producers from South America. He began his career at quite a young age, just as he turned thirteen years old, he was writing music, singing vocals and playing guitar for his first rock band. But even before that, he was already playing with his parent’s living room piano and discovering rhythm, melody, and oscillations. It was at that living room where he began his musical incursions. By the time he turned nineteen he got his first groove box and his career as an electronic musician began right before his passion for getting behind the wheels of steel. A couple of years later Jorge began clubbing in Buenos Aires and was taken under the wing by legendary Argentinean DJ, Diego Ro-K, he got behind the decks and with his coaching he began touring throughout Argentina and throughout the Latin America region.

2008 was a good year for Jorge Ciccioli, he produced a track titled “Gum” which was originally released by Barcelona’s Activism label. During Sonar, Paco Osuna picked up a promo copy, and he loved it so much he suggested the track to Richie Hawtin. Jorge’s career took a new turn.

Dekadent Schallplatten became interested in the track and signed the rights to re-release it on 12” format in 2009 with remixes by Super Flu. By now “Gum” has become a must-have for several DJ’s crates including Marco Carola, Kaiserdisco, Brett Johnson, Shlomi Aber, amongst several others. “Gum” reached the top of the sales list on and remained in the top 10 sales for the next three weeks. This is how the South American sound has become a worldwide earworm.

Jorge Ciccioli is currently working on his forthcoming E.P. and is definitely one of the Argentinean talents to keep an “ear “out for in the coming years.