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Jordy Lishious

Tilburg, Netherlands

Electro House, House

Avanti, Big & Dirty, black hole recordings
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What’s deLicious? Jordy Lishious and his pumping powerful groove with a twist of electro.

Jordy van Oostveen was born in Rotterdam (The Netherlands, 1984) but moved to Brabant, the south of Holland, as a kid. At a very young age, it was already oh so obvious that music would control his life.

His dad had to pull the rope of the baby music producing motion mobile hanging above hiss bedstead continuously; if there was no music in the room, little Jordy was crying like a madman. Later, while his peers bought candy and toys, Jordy was buying cds and singles of his pocket money (The Prodigy, Phil Collins, Dr. Dre, DJ Jean and later Marco V).

For his 10th birthday, Jordy gets his first mixing console. Only 13 years old, he produces his first remix (Southside Spinners – Luvstruck). It never released, but did get handed out to DJs like Johan Gielen, who played it at several festivals.

15 Year old Jordy got a shot at a club in Tilburg, what resulted in his first residency. That really got the party started. The last couple of years he performed at clubs and festivals like The Talk of the Town (Tilburg), Danssalon (Eindhoven), Return (Tilburg), Impulz (Den Bosch), Lexion (Westzaan) and Paradiso (Amsterdam). Two years ago Jordy became resident of the groovy eXXellent parties at the Matrixx club and the Matrixx DJ Cafe in Nijmegen.

Together with Boy Lamoen and Jochen Miller he produced several records under different pseudonyms in varying styles, like “John Remedy – Ventricle”. He loves doing edits and remixes and spreads them among the likes of Benjamin Bates, Erick E, Marco V and Lacroix. Right now, Jordy is working his ass of in the studio. His first solo project can be expected in the fall of 2005.

Besides spinning and producing, Jordy works at the infamous record shop Freaky Records in Eindhoven. What better combination of dance, dance & dance can you think of! This way music is around him and inspires him every single day of his life.