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Jordi Lloveras

Essen, Germany

House, Tech House

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Jordi Lloveras was born and raised in the Ruhrgebiet metropolis of Germany and spent parts of his life living on the Costa Brava, in Chicago, Cologne.

“The first time I really grasped the concept of House was at Medusa’s in Chicago in 1989. A huge space, pitch dark, DJ Armando playing house tracks nonstop, hardly any melodies, just beats that the sound system pushed right through you. Then private parties at people’s homes, in living rooms. The parents were away, there was beer and big speakers and we just went for it. Acid House and Chicago House all night long. That was our teenage rebellion.”

In Cologne Jordi Lloveras put on a number of house parties with people like Michael Mayer and Tobias Thomas (now Kompakt) and Eric D. Clark (Whirlpool) long before these names meant anything to anybody outside the Cologne city limits.

He became an editor for publications of the famous Warehouse club in Cologne, which stands alongside Ultraschall in Munich and Tresor in Berlin as one of the most groundbreaking clubs for electronic music in Germany.

“I shared a desk with the booker of the club. At first you would be quite awed having star DJs dropping in your office all the time: Ritchie Hawtin, John Acquaviva, Carl Cox, Steve Mason, The Stickmen, Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, and of course all the residents like Mate Galic (now co-owner of Native Instruments), Roland Casper oder Oliver Bondzio (Hardfloor). At one point you’d find yourself at the local McDonald’s at 8 a.m. with Laurent Garnier and 20 people, just because everybody was starving after a night of of clubbing and nothing else was open. And of course it’s great to open up for Ritchie Hawtin in front of 3000 people.”

After moving back to the Ruhrgebiet, Jordi Lloveras held various residencies over the years, as he enjoys the opportunity to build up and entertain “his” crowd. He currently holds a residency at Rossi Club, as well as doing frequent guest gigs all over Germany and abroad.

Over the years, Jordi Lloveras’ style has changed from US-influenced Deep House and Wild Pitch to more wild and experimental records, which finally led him to his current sound: straight, pushing electronic house, with some dirt around the edges.

“House Music has got to have energy, and in my universe House also has a lot of attitude. I don’t like music that sounds as if it’s just trying to please everybody. I like music with edges, a bit rough and uncut. Music that gives you its energy, but that can also sometimes surprise and trick you. And the music must work as the soundtrack of the night, of the event “Clubbing”. A night in the clubs is meant to make you feel and live more intensely, and if you can take some of this feeling with you into everyday life – then it was worth it."