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Only 24-year old, Joonas Hahmo has done this and that?. We don?t really want to bore you with all that usual stuff most artist biographies are full of. Honestly. We could briefly mention (just to pay respect for classical art of hyping) that Joonas really did play at such massive events as Love Parade and Ruhr in Love, and got his tracks present on MTV, as well as played around the globe by such DJs as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, James Zabiela, Ferry Corsten and Hernan Cattaneo. And yes, Joonas is also the guy behind such succesful trance acts as Alt+F4 and Avanto, he has produced chart topping single tracks for platinum selling pop artists and co-produced new material for no less than Darude.

But all these great achievements are just consequences of strong feeling that lives in Joonas? heart. This feeling is called passion. Passion for electronic music. That is the key for success of Joonas Hahmo sound. Because, despite of all merits, sound is what matters. Music attracts.

Unique. Fresh. Electrifying. These would be the 3 main characteristics for Joonas Hahmo productions. Combining Trance, Electro, House and Progressive in one awesome melting pot, Joonas cooks a deLicious new product for clubbers all around the world ? crossover style, which cannot be defined and locked. This happy, joyful summer sound with Ibiza twist, yet not quite House, but definitely not Trance anymore, this music has only one acceptable name: Joonas Hahmo sound. And this new sound appears to be the next big thing in the world of dance music.

Remember the pioneers of trance, like Armin and Paul Oakenfold? Well, we think we have a new wave pioneer right here. We believe in that because Joonas doesn?t follow any common paths, as a producer nor as a DJ. He makes these paths for others. Constantly seeking for something new, being on the edge of musical development and breaking the limits to produce an outstanding track. Hard work, extreme talent and burning passion is what Joonas Hahmo is all about. So please, meet the master of sound from Finland ? JOONAS HAHMO!