Jonqpublik Beatport


Originally from Florida and currently residing in Massachusetts, JonQPublik is a tough one pigeonhole as his musical tastes and DJ’ing style cross so many boundaries in electronic dance music, that you never really know what to expect from him – as he cuts through genres like a skilled downhill skier, full of grace, form and agility – zigzagging from deep and haunting progressive house and the razor-sharp precision of tech house, straight through to funky house, breakBeat and deep trance.

What he’ best known for though is his exceptional ability to glide smoothly through progressive house in a style that is clearly reminiscent of International Dance Music icons like – Chris Fortier and Danny Howells – yet remain completely unique. Focusing on tough funky rhythms and sexy basslines to seduce you onto the dance floor with a certain kind of smoky bedroom eye appeal while stimulating your senses along the way with timely placed sultry vocals, deep melancholic melodies and icy glistening atmospheric effects ultimately forging his own interpretation of the genre. An interpretation that’ suited for those sleazy, erotic and super-sexy dark and sweaty intimate clubbing environments where the dancers can get closer to the music and the DJ can wrap them in a blanket of sound that will make them wish they could crawl inside the speakers.