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Transplanted to New York City from the small town of Brookfield, Jonny Rose began his music career as a classically-trained composer at Columbia University. It wasn’t until 2009, when he started working as a songwriter-producer for Jive Records and playing keys for remix king Jason Nevins, that Jonny began to find his true niche as a dance artist, using his classical training to concoct epic dance melodies meshed with his trademark searing vocals. Today, Jonny is one of New York City’s most in-demand vocalists, songwriters, and vocal producers.

In February 2011, Jonny’s first single “Where Is Love (Love Is Hard To Find” was released by Mysto & Pizzi on Ultra Records, boosted by immensely popular remixes from Lucky Date and Electrixx. At the same time, Jonny began collaborations in France with NRJ Radio’s resident DJ Morgan Nagoya and acclaimed film director Fabien Dufils (David Guetta, The Prodigy). Nagoya’s first single featuring Jonny, “Find a Way,” was released in September 2011 and continues to receive significant play on radio and music television in France. Touring behind the single for the month of September 2011, Jonny performed to crowds of 10,000+, including a set at the famous TechnoParade festival in Paris.

The audience for Jonny’s music has continued to expand with the February 2012 release of “Break For Love” with DJ No-Name of France’s Radio FG and “All Falls Down” with German DJ duo G&G on Big Blind/Planet Punk Records. Jonny’s first official mixtape “Just Passin Thru” also debuted in February and features collaborations with Kristinia Debarge and rappers 40 Glocc, Chris Reeder, and Patrick Toussaint.

Look for more releases from Jonny in 2012 with Cedric Gervais, Big Ali, Pulsedriver, David Berrie (dBerrie), Dzeko & Torres, Matt Darey, Mitch LJ & Stephan Luke. This Wisconsin-bred, Ivy League dance artist is poised to take the music world by storm in 2012 and beyond.