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Originally from southern California, Jonny Lexxs was inspired by the early 90s techno rave scene. His first experience with a pair of turntables was at the age of 15. After 4 years of dejaying at local raves & club venues, Jonny’s curiosity for making music became his passion. So he bought a casio keyboard, a 4 track tascam recorder and started sampling hot accapellas from vintage records. Jonny soon realized that he needed some help and teamed up with his dj buddy, Cesar G. After adjusting their sound they were looking for, they then started working with music producer Richard F. With the creative minds of this trio they were able to finish their first production on a popular Chicago dance label “Underground Construction Music”. Dynamic Dual was the new partnership Jonny and Cesar had created and started their own record label “Dynamic Tracks” and “Hypro Records”. With a few hits like “Dynamic Fire” & “Jazzy Horns”, they soon became part of the hard house scene.

By 2001, Jonny’s music career consisted of over 100 tracks and 4 mixed cds from these labels, Uc Music, Dmc, Dynamic Trax International Amigo, Musik Factory, Pro-Active, Gruv-e, Vynalized Recordings (UK), Midtown, BMI, & Funk-D-Lux Records. And not to mention tracks licensed by superstar djs such as Frankie Bones, Fergie, Yomanda, Bad Boy Bill, Richard Vission, DJ Enrie, Richard F and dance label Ministry Of Sound.

Early 2006, Jonny started his solo career by producing electro, progressive, and tech house for his newest label “Dynamic Musik”. And by the late winter of 2008, his latest release “Haywire” caught the attention of the legendary Judge Jules who listed it on his Altern 8 and Pete Tongs essential mix which airs on BBC Radio 1.

Recently, Jonny Lexxs, John Acquaviva & Oliver Giacomotto got together and created one of 2008 hottest single “Too Cool 4 Skool.” You can also hear this track on Rockstar Games the makers of Grand Theft Auto, featured on “Midnight Club Los Angeles”. With the success on Beatport’s electro chart, there is no telling what Jonny Lexxs has next in stored.