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Jonny Cruz

Berlin, Germany

Aeon, Geno, Gold Records
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Jonny Cruz, a native to Puerto Rico and the love of electronic music. A multi versatile DJ and producer that is constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of his craft. A man of many aliases with a wide variety of releases in many genres as well. His music career started at 17 years of age when he became involved with the Puerto Rican drum & bass movement in 1997. In 2007 Jonny started the collective Identity which went on to release many tracks on numerous highly acclaimed drum & bass labels, while touring it extensively in Europe and abroad.

In 2010 Jonny made the move to Berlin, a decision that would forever change the course of his career, he linked up with the label Cocoon and released the dancefloor smasher “Dawn’s Highway” in collaboration with his then studio partners Simon Wish & Lati. The track was on heavy rotation by many heavy players in the techno movement, and allowed Jonny to cement a place in the Germany and European club circuts. That same year Jonny teamed up with producer Emerson Todd and made “The Kiwi & Coconut Pie EP” released on Toronto based Canadian label My Favorite Robot.

This then introduced Jonny to Jared Simms, a relationship that would change not only Jonnys approach to his own music but a friendship that would eventually raise Jonny to become one of the labels core artists.

Fast forward to present times, Jonny has released and been featured on some of the best and most influential labels around and hasn’t looked back since. He has played at some of the top clubs around the globe and continues to push his sound exploring and incorporating different styles to keep things fresh. He is a forward thinking artist and the future seems to be promising for this rapidly rising DJ & Producer.