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Jonny Bee

Milano, Italy


AudioBite Records, Beatwave Records, Dear Deer
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Since I was very young, I have been a “lover” of the music: was very amazing and funny to play my compositions on the old keyboard “BONTEMPI”. With my “powerful” trumpet I learned all I needed to know about classical music.

In the 90’s the electronic music hit the ceiling so I dipped myself into this kind of sounds.

My name’s Giovanni Bruno but now I am Jonny Bee in “London” style and more fresh.

House music makes me feel good.

Mr Joe T.Vannelli with his Exogroove woke me up and now I feel better!

With some friends of mine I share my music and I try to produce for the first time with no budget (or very low budget !): Yamaha synthesizer, Personal Computer, eletronic drum machine… It’s all very exciting but I have not yet the power of the PRODUCER.

My path goes on in a hard way.

Trance and Progressive music become for me like an obsession.

Hornbostel drives me through nord-europe sounds but only by listening radio.

What a pity !

Now I am not yet a simple listener but I want to create and produce my sensations, share emotions and the power of the dance with other persons.

Now I like also funky groove and soul.

All my friends that wrote to me from all parts of world, taught me to call what I am writing with a better name: Deep House. This is my music.

Now it’s the time to show to all world and to all people my talent…

Don’t stop your dreams, baby!

Please keep in mind that all works posted here are not mastered and are used only for demo purposes.

The final mastered works will only be posted here as promotional copies when they are released.

Thanks for your visit.

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  • Deep Nota Records (NEW YORK)
  • BRM Electro (UK)
  • Badaboom Recordings (UK)
  • Reel House (UK)
  • Emmestudio Records (ITALY)
  • Sharm74 Records (Sharm El Sheik)
  • The Sound Records
  • Soluble Recordings (Slovakia)
  • Movierecords (Spain)
  • Audio Bite Records (USA)
  • UM Records (New Zeland)
  • SavoireFaire Musique (UK)
  • Deep Wit Recordins (Denmark)
  • Snake Beat Records (ITALY)
  • UM Records (New Zeland)
  • Deep Site Recordings
  • Lens Media Music (Croazia)
  • Cromarti Records (USA)
  • Deep Class Records (Spain)
  • EME (Spain)
  • ITOM RECORDS (Ungheria)