Jondi & Spesh Beatport


Jondi & Spesh. Muzik gave their album We Are Connected Top 40 Albums of the Year. Mixmag called them dons of west coast progressive house. For over a decade Jondi & Spesh have put out dance tracks of such stunning quality that the worlds dj elite have gone to great lengths to hunt down their unique underground sound.

When Jondi met Spesh at a party in San Francisco’s South of Market district in 1993, neither realized that the meeting would eventually take them to the creative center of the San Francisco dance music community and put them on the map as two of the world’s most innovative and risk-taking dance music producers.

Ten years later, Jondi & Spesh have a music label with over twenty releases (the Loq 12"’s get praise and play from all the biggest – Digweed, Oakenfold, Sasha, Tong, Tenaglia, etc.), an extremely popular event (the world’s first underground dance music happy hour) going into it’s eighth year, two full length albums with the highest critical praise, and a third album released on Spundae Records that may very well unearth them from the underground and put them solidly into that “strange yet widely appealing” category currently inhabited by the likes of Radiohead, Bark, and Postal Service.

The new Jondi & Spesh album, “The Answer,” stays true to their previous work with minimalistic melodies and lush, complex production, yet diverges stylistically with big hooky choruses on several songs, and sublime female vocals on others. The sound palette is organic and unique, with timbres morphing among vocal, synth, and analog natures.