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Jonathan Martin was born June 17, 1994 in the state of New Jersey, and today lives in Orlando, Florida, rapidly expanding his music career. Ever since the age of 6, he has been in love with electronic music, and loves it even more today. When he was 6 years old, his father, a New York club DJ, introduced him to house music, and taught him how to beatmatch and how transitions were done. Jonathan loved how two tracks could be mixed together seamlessly, and continued to practice until he became ready for his first gig. By the age of 7, Jonathan had his first gig at a WMC 2002 party in Miami, Florida. Soon after that, he was playing at Crobar: Miami and several other clubs until the age of 11.

Today, Jonathan Martin is 13 years old, and now spins Trance & Progressive. He hosts a radioshow at well-known Afterhours.FM called ’Evolution" which broadcasts every third Friday of the month, 16-18 CET. Early 2007, Jonathan got himself into professional EDM production and experimented using Reason and Ableton Live. He started off using Reason, creating tech-trance styled tracks, slowly broadening his ability to create a quality track. Eventually, he moved to a new style, and began to experiment with progressive-trance in Ableton Live. He now produces constantly, creating a unique sound with elements from Trance, Progressive, and Electro, and had his first track release at the age of 13.

Jonathan’s first release demonstrated some of what he has to offer in a electro-progressive trance styled remix of Saint Rush’s “Burning Red Skies”, released on Camouflage (Bonzai Music) February 12, 2008 in CD & Digital format. He not only shows himself as a remixer but also as an original artist in a track titled “Illuminous” which has received support from number 1 DJ in the world, Armin Van Buuren on ASOT 330 and Markus Schulz on GDJB. Jonathan Martin is the worlds youngest professional DJ ever known to perform live in a club, and one of the youngest active producers the trance scene has yet seen. Watch out for Jonathan Martin in the future!