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Jonas Steur

Techno, Trance

AKA: Jonas Steur, Estuera

2 Play Records (Spinnin), 405 Recordings, Avanti
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Jonas Steur, born in 1982 in Belgium, (also known under his alias estuera) is already into music since he was very young. Influenced by his father’s favorite 70’s progressive rock with it’s wealth of synthsounds and his mother’s classical music Jonas got his taste for both beautiful melodic and rougher electronic music.

After a lot of messing around with cheap Casio keyboards Jonas got his hands on a set of turntables when he was 15 and started discovering the world of vinyl too. The urge for making his own tracks got very strong resulting in a first record deal when he was 17. (Silvertear – so deep)

The next few years he kept improving his production skills and released a number of tracks in different styles ranging from hard house to a trance track for the successful Ian van Dahl album ‘ace’ in 2002.

End 2003 the alias ‘estuera’ emerged when the first estuera e.p. ‘travels / 7 clouds ’ got signed to Tiesto’s black hole recordings. In a quick tempo some other releases followed in 2004 on different black hole sub labels like in ‘trance we trust’ and the big trance hit ‘estuera – tales from the south’ on Tiesto’s personal ‘magik muzik’ imprint.

Jonas also got in contact with Paul Moelands and Menno de Jong who were in the process of setting up their ‘intuition’ sub label under fundamental recordings. In 2005 the first intuition release saw the light, ‘Jonas Steur – Castamara / Silent waves’ and got massive support by every top dj in the trance scene. Another big accomplishment was the collaboration between Paul Moelands and Jonas, ’ Estuera vs. Re:locate – Palma Solane ’, which got featured on the huge in search of sunrise 4 Tiesto mix cd and vinyl sampler.

Thanks to all the attention for these tracks Jonas got the chance of doing a number of remixes for projects such as ’Haylon, Elles de Graaf, Solar stone, Fabb x, Re:locate, and more to come…

Jonas also started making a name in the dj business, playing gigs in Belgium, Holland, Germany and Poland in 2005. Including the first edition of tomorrowland Belgium and a couple of successful intuition events in club Asta in The Hague, Netherlands.

2006 is almost there and looks like it is going to start good for Jonas with the release of the new Estuera ep, ‘Flow / Moon sugar, (already on Tiesto and Armin’s play lists to name a few)

Some other nice projects and remixes are coming up and a couple of new gigs in Sweden, The Netherlands and Belgium are in the agenda already.