Jon The Baptist Beatport


Jon’s got a problem. Since school he hasn’t held down a job for more than a matter of weeks, infact nothing can motivate this lazy son of a… , except Trance. “The only thing which gets me out of bed each morning” explains Jon… Music has always been a major interest in Jon’s life since his school days when he listened to hardcore. After finding (now a lifelong) friend Dave Spinout out of fate, the pair continued to laze around spending all hours learning how to produce music using technology.

In time Jon gathered together his own equipment and made his studio in his mothers house, his mother being as much of a fan of trance as Jon. This enabled Jon to not even have to go out of the house anymore, secluded in his studio of flashing lights and orgasmic trance, Jon was complete.

Furiously on a quest for trance knowledge, Jon’s productions have got better and better with each track. His first release was on UK label 2XS Recordings, a sub label of Alien Trax, which eventually led to him being signed for producing on FSC. Also writing and mastering the projects ‘THE ELITE’ and ‘PRO-T.O.N.’, Jon’s first release was ‘Neutron’ and ‘Insomnia’ which he remixed with friend Iain Cross for release. Since Jons signing to FSC he has featured on 8 of their last 14 releases, including various remix requests and alias’s. All of Jons FSC work has recieved an extreme amount of airtime, across the globe, and has featured on many leading Hard Trance compilations.

Whilst workin on the harder edge of trance with Future Sound Corp, Jon feels his true destiny lies in the hands of the more emotional and melodic side of the genre. He began working on the ‘JTB’ project, fusing energetic pumping ryhthms with euphoric riffs and breakdowns. His first track ‘Transenergy’ was quickly snapped up by Alphamagic for release on Sectioned Recordings, a label which has featured artists such as Uberdruck, Alphazone and The Organ Doners to name a few. The Release came bundled with a remix from Swiss trancemasters Spoke and Vespa and has recieved a lot of airtime, and featured on some leading CD compilations such as ID+T’s Trance series.

Jon has since receieved a lot of good feedback over his JTB alias, with the next release being a remix of Andy B’s ‘Lift’. This track got into mixmags reviews, and made number 9 in their top tunes of the month. Forthcoming, the follow up to Transenergy, ‘Twilight’ looks set to be massive. The track will be remixed by Godgreefs Gaz West (Dark by Design) and will be released in May/June 2004. Also out around that time will be a remix by Jon of Israeli Trance Artist XLR’s (Factor e, Next Exit) ‘Ending the War’.

Through Jons productions he has created an oppurtunity to gain many plays at well respected clubs and events around europe. He gained a residency at the infamous Country Club in 2002, and since then has not looked back djing wise. His biggest gig to date was in Amsterdam at Qlub Tempo to 4000 pople, and hopes to gain more experience soon with plans to return to Amsterdam, many sets all over the UK and also a tour of Australia at some point!

In the future Jon plans to take his production projects to a new level technically, and let the world hear what he gets so excited about!

“The only thing which gets me out of bed each morning” explains Jon…