Top 5k on The DJ List

Jon Lockley

United States

AKA: Ezekielthree

Craniality Sounds, Puppy Luv Records, Tall House Underground
Jon Lockley Beatport


Jon was influenced by his family members early on in life as most are. His parents had a vast collection of vinyl covering most popular genres of the time, including a few rarities. He remembers listening to The Beatles, KC & the Sunshine Band, and Blondie to name a few. The first record he ever purchased was a 45 of Blondie’ “Heart of Glass.”

From there, he joined his school band and got a feel for how the music was actually made. He claims having always been fascinated by the sound of the drum. When the Hip-Hop movement and breakdancing evolved, he was changed forever. He says, “The break is what is was all about.”

After indulging himself into many genres of music, he settled on the “four on the floor” and “breakbeat”. Constantly evolving, and always needing the new, he had found a genre that could meet his ever need, “house”. "It’ always changing, that’ what I like about the word “progressive”. It means self correcting.”

By this time, Jon was itching to get his hands on a pair of tables. He was enrolled at college, and was given a chance to have his own weekly radio show. The radio station had a pair of tables. He started buying vinyl and the rest is history. His show was one of the most popular and ran for over 4 years.

After graduation, he decided to head overseas. Currently he holds residencies in several cities in S. Korea, including Daegu and Seoul. He’ played alongside some of the biggest names in the biz. He has started producing original tracks as well, so the future looks bright for Jon Lockley.